Similar to ChatGPT, OpenAI develops Codex to automate software code writing

By . news . 06 Feb 2023
OpenAI Codex

Codex, an AI tool developed by OpenAI based on GPT-3, can write coding languages solely to simplify coding jobs, not to replace programmers’ positions.

Heaptalk, Jakarta — ChatGPT creator, OpenAI, has developed an artificial intelligence tool that translates natural language into code based on GPT-3, namely Codex. The technology helps turn simple English instructions into over a dozen popular coding languages.

Users only require to tell the AI tool what type of software problem they are trying to figure out then the system will suggest an answer with a string of code. The tool is developed to supplement developers’ work and increase productivity.

Since 2021, Codex has been accessible to developers in the form of GitHub Copilot. Recently, OpenAI is intensively developing Codex by recruiting more than 1,000 contractors to write code and related descriptions that can help the tool become a better programmer, as reported by Semafor.


Codex is considered less well-known than ChatGPT but the service could completely change the way programmers work. This ability further raises the question of whether the tool can replace the programmers’ position.

As reported by The Insider, several academics and experts in computer-science education stated that software-engineering skills will continue to be in high demand although the AI service developed by OpenAI can write code for programmers. Further, the AI services, including Codex, are solely a stepping stone to making programming easier over generations.

Meanwhile, a professor of computer science and linguistics at Stanford University Christopher Manning called Codex and ChatGPT huge productivity enhancers, as quoted by The Insider. Currently, many programmers have utilized Codex in their daily tasks. According to Christopher, this ability does not mean that the tool can write all applications by itself, only since the tool can write basic functions that make programmers’ work easier.

Further, Codex can simplify certain software engineering tasks thereby saving programmers’ time. The AI tool can provide an array of code, but programmers still have to understand the basics of how to solve technical problems from the start. Therefore, the OpenAI Codex is expected to simplify the programmers’ task in writing code, not to replace the position of the programmers themselves.