Implementation of AI to boost business in the post-pandemic

By . news . 29 Jul 2022 Encourages Businesses to Boost Productivity through Artificial Intelligent

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Research conducted by the information technology company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, namely Accenture, showed that 43% of consumers in Southeast Asia have no objection to being served by artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots as long as their questions or needs could be well served by chatbot technology. The findings entitled 2021 Global Consumer Pulse Study shows that efficient and fast communication has become the main demand of consumer needs., an AI technology company founded in 2015, views that changing multi-industry strategies will involve many innovations in technology infrastructure, one of which is through AI. Based on the latest research from, efficiency in business activity can be generated by applying AI. “We also evaluated that in the future, businesses are required to be able to serve consumers faster and more swiftly without compromising the quality,” said CEO and Co-founder, Irzan Raditya, during a media gathering themed ‘AI For Post Pandemic” on 27 July 2022.

Irzan explained the post-pandemic had become a great moment for many businesses that previously had preserved their money to step on the gas and seize more profit. One of the strategies is to apply AI to serve more consumers faster. In the 2022 report,, which focuses on the development of conversational chatbot, recorded more than 20 industry in Indonesia has applied AI technology.

The function of a human in the loop becomes necessary in the integration of AI technology since AI can be focused on work activities that are time-consuming, repetitive, and easy to predict. Human functions can be focused on problems that are more complex, thus efficiency and productivity can be increased. With the help of data processing combined with the right AI technology, businesses can respond to changes in people’s lifestyles during this post-pandemic transitional period.


A research company headquartered in Westminster, Massachusetts, United States, ZK research, found out that a number of employees wasted their time as they had to deal with too much information which must be analyzed manually. To answer the issue, AI technology has room for broad improvisation to be able to automate specifically on similar problems. Therefore, AI applications can help employees to be more efficient and productive.

Representing the private sectors’ side, Founder and CEO of Qlue Rama Raditya, who also attended the media gathering(07/27), stated the use of AI in the industry is expected to increase the company’s operational efficiency by up to 30% and increase employee productivity of up to 80%, by the estimations from McKinsey in 2021. It happens as the AI enables the operational process to be end-to-end.

“Artificial intelligence can help us work efficiently, and the implementation of deep learning-based artificial intelligence solutions can help generate more accurate data analysis so it can drive better decision making. Optimization of this digital ecosystem is the key to business development in line with the growth of connectivity in Indonesia to improve business stability and scalability,” said Rama.

In line with Irzan and Rama, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Kalla Group, Achmad Soegiarto, affirmed that consumers nowadays have more preferences with various advantages of rapid information. He said, “With this condition, businesses must be able to become more personal and closer to consumers so the business strategies implemented are effective with the use of proper technology.”

Kalla Group, through the Startup Hunt program, seeks to bring together the ecosystem across Kalla Group’s business industries with startups providing AI services. Those startups will play roles as AI enablers providing solutions for companies that offer products or services to end customers.

Irzan added, “By reading and understanding the data collected by a business, we can analyze how consumer behavior becomes the best-selling product.” Besides, businesses are also able to see opportunities with the right data analysis. Therefore this opportunity can be maximized by AI technology to boost productivity even with limited resources, said Irzan in his conclusion.