Jimmy Tjan: Adaptive to The Market is the Key for Success

Heaptalk Team, expert talk . 24 May 2021
Jimmy Tjan: Adaptive to The Market is the Key for Success - Business Profesional Portal

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Business tends to change. As the practitioners, you will eventually have to tweak your old business mindset. Especially when facing incremental change like customer behavior shifting, outside threats (pandemic and economic degradation), and competitor penetration.

MODENA (PT. Modena Indonesia), the home appliances company, showed remarkable attainment. Under the leadership of Jimmy Tjan as the Vice President of Marketing Strategy, the company revealed positive growth, despite the pandemic that hit the nation and swayed the retail into pressure.

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Contrary, the company noted a sales growth near double digits. The offline daily visitor is declined since people were getting limited to go outside and stayed at home. It wasn’t mean it declined the sales since Jimmy takes the wheel and twist it online with a real-time service.

The focus is on how the company maintained customer experience satisfaction while running some campaigns to attract wider reaches. They build marketing strategies that stream more flexibly while reaching the market, like optimizing the buying channels via digital through their e-commerce platform and leading e-commerce platform partners – preserving their existence in the digital world.

“We have been running digitally for more than ten years. This initial effort has shown obvious results that since the beginning of the pandemic where many conventional businesses suffered, our e-commerce platform actually provides us a revenue increase of up to 200%,” Jimmy said to Heaptalk.

MODENA itself reportedly dominates the market of home appliances ranging from cooking, cooling, cleaning, and professional. According to Jimmy, the demands of the product depending on the customer segment. To market the product, He has to understand the niche of each product – aligned with the customer pain point.

For example, for the young customer segment (esp: young mom, new couples) — ignoring their marital status (whether already stable or still knitting) during the pandemic, they have some needs to renovate their kitchen, living room, and bedroom. MODENA applies a trackable method to penetrate that segment by understanding what suits them.

The best product choice offered; hob, built-in hob, built-in oven, microwave, oven, and other cookware, follows the creative campaign to reach their market niche. While the company carrying the “Limitless” tagline. This means they targeted multi-segments with the products delivered suited to its customer persona.

First, it emphasizes the aesthetic value combined with its functionality. Following the youngster’s preference, they apply its value that they typically want to design the room comfortably and calmly – harmonious with the home appliances’ functionalities.

Second, MODENA furnished the appliances with the IoT (internet of things). For example, water heater, cleaning line (robot vacuum, dishwasher, air purifier), cooking line (island hood) – not only to fit out the aesthetical aspects but also optimized from the side of customer experiences. The newly released products already offered with IoT features allow users to set the product digitally and remotely.

“We have already launched products that suit our customer experience needs. Of course, we also plan to make a mutual collaboration with other brands (as our partners) to increase our value,” Jimmy said.

Third, Jimmy, with his team, regularly set the campaign to strive for their brand value. Some of the events they held, like the earth day campaign; the essence are inviting people to be aware of the waste reduced from their households.

Other events that have been done are Corporate Social Responsibility They named the campaign “Masterpiece Retrofridge”. Jimmy explained that every single profit gained from the sales of the products that include Water Heater, Kitchen Set, and other appliances, were donated to Yayasan Sinar Mutiara Hati Magelang to educate children with special needs,

They also ally with metropolis artists; Christian Sugiono, Bunga Citra Lestari, and reputable designer Biyan, to raise awareness about their products as well as build a quality engagement with the customers.

Profitable during the pandemic

Bear in mind that the shopping experience during the pandemic urged people to change from offline to online. While other retail indicated a decrease and some were close down, the MODENA business performance showed optimism.

MODENA showed positive growth. For example, despite the crisis, one of MODENA‘s products, a water heater, dominated the market up to 30%.  Then followed the cooking products categories which contribute 47% of the sales. And from the retail, it participated in 90%. While the Kitchen Set appliances still dominate the market convincingly.

In Jakarta greater city, MODENA has just opened a new branch – in Pondok Indah and Bintaro. This opening braces the MODENA brand position to the customer that they are moving as close as possible. They also plan to open new branches in the near time in other big cities to market their leading products massively; cooking, cleaning, cooling, and professional. Newly they also plan to boost the Water Heater and Chest Freezer.

The objective is also followed by trackable key selling activities. For example, MODENA regularly held campaigns like promotion programs in every MODENA Experience Center. There was also Ramadhan Sale which was intended special for Ramadhan moment, and MODENA Fair that has done every year. Not to be forgotten, they are also intensifying sale programs on their partner e-commerce platforms. (FK)