Trakindo presents a one-stop solution Cat MineStar System to control mine production

Syifa, industry . 15 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — PT Trakindo Utama, an Indonesia-based heavy equipment provider, presents its new one-stop solution for mining activity, Cat® MineStar™ System, during the Mining Indonesia expo held on September 14th – 17th, 2022, at JIExpo, Jakarta. Launching this new innovation, the Company aims to facilitate the industry players in utilizing positive trends in commodity prices to increase the efficiency of obtaining mining products.

A Mining Product and Application Manager of Trakindo, Kiswanto, conveyed, “Trakindo aims to maximize a mining business for our customers of multiple scales amid the commodities price hike and huge market demand. We will grant a mining operation report in real-time by presenting our product innovation, Cat MineStar System. Thus, our users can feel facilitated in their decision-making, working quality improvement, and work operation safety,”

MineStar technology is equipped with upgraded features, consisting of Terrain for Drilling tools as precision guidance in assisting the operator in accomplishing an accurate and productive drilling pattern, increasing security by recording drilled stratification data to support explosion planning and enhance fragmentation.

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In addition, the company also furnished a Command for Dozing feature to develop employees’ safety and enhance efficiency by enabling a dozer to operate remotely. Besides the security side, this feature allows an operator to control several dozers simultaneously to be more consistent and evolve equipment utilization and operator efficiency throughout the shift.

This newest system also provides a MineStar Health Equipment Insight tool as dynamic management data to determine a maintenance decision properly with usage-friendly data visualization and report tools to reduce downtime and avoid tool failure that affects operator productivity. Further, a MineStar Edge feature is established in this system as a cloud-based operation ecosystem, providing visibility of each operation aspect with a high data accuracy of up to 98% and showing near-real-time information to enable efficient mining projects with optimal quality to the site or plant.

Likewise, the latest Trakindo mining product is also embedded with the Guardian 2 feature as non-intrusive technology to effectively reduces dangerous incidents by alerting operators and analyzing detected symptoms of fatigue, microsleep, or other distractions. While the FLEET feature is furnished to help users execute fleet management with tracking and assignment capabilities of all types of units working in multiple locations, equipped with detailed data and analysis in real-time.

Using advanced monitoring technology, Trakindo presents the TERRAIN tool to carry out a systematic data-based management unit punctually. This tool is considered adequate for drilling, dragline, and flattening applications with high precision levels. The DETECT feature is also furnished to enhance the alertness of the operator towards

Also, the HEALTH feature comprehensively monitors the machine’s health, reporting unit work data continuously to identify potential problems with the unit before a breakdown occurs. The COMMAND feature enables remote mining control for semi-autonomous and fully autonomous, with revolutionary technologies helping to work safely and productively in challenging environments.

“To realize maximum performance, mining industry players in Indonesia need heavy equipment with optimal performance, advanced technology with more efficient operating expenses. MineStar was created with its superior features offered to become the right solution for improving productivity, efficiency, and work safety in the mining area. Currently, we have recorded the number of assets using the MineStar system has grown threefold in the mining market in the early year,” Kiswanto said.

Regardless of the establishment of the MineStar system, Trakindo also introduced its other mining products, including a Large Hydraulic Excavator Cat 395 with a bucket capacity of meter cubic and an Off-Highway Truck for 100 tons level of Cat 777, with high-end performance, toughness, efficiency, and convenience.

“With numerous mining solutions offered by Trakindo with its world-class product technology, we will continue to assist our customers by providing this one-stop solution technology for a seamless mining operation, supported by our after-sales service with dealership capabilities across the archipelago. On the other hand, in the after-sales support for technology, we will provide our stay-beside engineer service in acknowledging the further improvement needed,” Kiswanto in his closing statement.