Released New Version App, BlueBird Committed to Improve User Experience

Heaptalk Team, technology . 19 Jan 2021
Released New Version App, BlueBird Committed to Improve User Experience - Business Profesional Portal

Heaptalk, Jakarta – The increasing demand for transportation services in Indonesia becomes the right momentum for PT Blue Bird Tbk to launch the latest version app, My Blue Bird 5. In this application, Blue Bird is committed to increasing its application’s usability by targeting more user growth up to two times. As for the information

Bringing the vision of Mobility Symphony, My Blue Bird 5 presents new looks and new experiences of today’s more competitive transportation technology provider.  Noni Purnomo, President Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk (Blue Bird), said, “As the pioneer and foremost transportation service provider company in Indonesia, Bluebird committed to providing the best service to loyal customers. We are very enthusiastically presented the latest version of the MyBluebird application as an option and community alternatives in getting Bluebird services to help the mobility of everyday life. ”

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The launch of the latest version of the MyBlueBird application presents a variety of features that makes it easy and offers extra convenience for Bluebird loyal customers on the go while using the MyBlueBird application. The key features, explained by Noni, are to present safety and security driving for the customer experience, where Blue Bird applies a particular algorithm to disable driver chat while on the ride. While on the pricing aspect, Blue Bird provides a fixed price, even during the traffic hour.

Moreover, Blue Bird also considers the customers’ behaviour, so they put more simplicity into their apps. So they improve on the user experience while the user wants to reorder the ride with more lean steps, as they can find on history or put some destination into favourite places. It is also complemented with predictable pickup time and multiple payment options.

Collaborate with Google Indonesia

To improve user satisfaction, Blue Bird collaborate with Google Indonesia to deliver its robust performance, including accessibility, runtime, and speed. While on the user experience, Google supports the smart algorithm to help the driver find the shortest route while their customer is on the rush.

Megawati Khie, Google Country Manager for Indonesia, also sees optimism in building the transportation technology in Indonesia with Blue Bird, as Google gives the most reliant technology to support their operations. It includes Google Maps API, virtualization platform, storage, security, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We are keen to maintain a good performance of the app operations to meet their customer compliance,” Said Megawati.

Open for improvement

Blue Bird also prioritizes the user satisfaction level using the MyBlueBird app by providing channels for sending the critics and suggestions regarding improvement. Some of the channels are social media and customer centre. They also gain insights from the data analytics and analytics that describes their user behaviour and then turn it into constructive findings. Then it will be executed on the production department to realizing what customers want.

Noni believes that by applying this factor, Bluebird can continue to be the top transportation choice by the society decades and is committed to continuing to innovate endlessly.

“This allows us to consistently improve and improve service to provide the best experience to the customer. It is hoped that the presence of the latest features in the latest MyBlueBird application will further facilitate mobility for the community, “concluded Noni.