Kingston Sets to Inspire People With The Power of Memories Campaign  

technology . 10 Jul 2021
Kingston Is with You

Heaptalk, Jakarta: – Accelerating the vision of preserving memories with its memory and storage products, Kingston Technology, a world leader of memory products and technology solutions, on Mei announced its “Kingston Is With You” campaign. With the new brand positioning message, “Kingston Is With You,” Kingston aims to bring alive the invincible impact of memories in our lives and emphasizes that memories not only exist in the past but can also be the driving force that motivates one to move forward in life.

The campaign kicks off with the premiere of a brand-new micro-film, Memories Empower, a limited-edition gift box, and “7-Day Memory Challenge” to invite Kingston users to relive their most precious memories. 

A series of “Kingston Is With You” themed online and offline activities begin today, kicking off with the premiere of the micro-film Memories Empowerwhich unveils a self-recovery journey through memories. In addition, Kingston specially designed a limited-edition gift box that connects memories with the five senses. The gift box comes with “7-Day Memory Challenge” cards, assigning 7 mini-tasks to recipients, helping them relive their most precious moments, and provide a chance to win heartwarming gifts. Retail channels will also run promotional activities for customers to preserve their meaningful moments and experience the strength in memory with Kingston’s products.


Kevin Wu, Sales/Marketing and Business Development Vice President of APAC region, Kingston, said, “Kingston has always been a leader in enabling people to preserve their memories through our most reliable and high-performing memory and storage solutions products for business creative and daily settings. We staunchly believe in the power of memories and their unlimited impact. During these times, we want to bring inspiration and strength to people with a promise that ‘Kingston Is With You.’ We strive to stand alongside all our customers, celebrate cherished moments, and be there with them during tough times.  We would also like to express our deepest admiration and respect and pay homage to those who show courage, resilience, and strength during these testing times.”

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Brand New Micro-Film Brings Memories from the Past to Future 

Kingston believes that video is one of the best ways to tell a story. The previously released A Memory to Remember Trilogy micro-film series centered around the significance of past memories and has touched the hearts of millions. This year, to show how “Kingston Is With You,” Kingston has brought back celebrated advertising director Lo Ging-zim to direct its latest micro-film. Mr. Lo also directed Kingston’s three previous micro-films.

While the A Memory to Remember Trilogy micro-film series focused on the memorable past, Memories Empower expands time and space to the present and future. The story depicts a young girl’s encounters after an abrupt change in life and exploring the theme that memories connect people to their past and provide the courage to continue moving forward. Kingston invites viewers to embark on this journey of self-recovery through this micro-film.

Experience the Power of Memories with Kingston’s Limited-edition Giftbox  

Extending its credo of Memories Empower further, Kingston has specially designed a limited-edition memory gift box that stimulates the five senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Cards for each day of the 7 memory-related challenges, along with a Kingston x CSD face mask, are included in the gift box, encouraging people to revisit small but treasured moments and rediscover the happiness of little things in life.