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Jenius holds Co.Creation Week 2021, inviting digital savvy community to become creative

Heaptalk Team, news . 27 Nov 2021
jenius co.creation

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Jenius from Bank BTPN, which was established through a co-creation and collaboration process from the beginning, continues to grow with the digitally savvy community as it enters its fifth year. These spirits are also reflected in an annual event organized by Jenius, namely Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021, which will take place from December 6 to 10, 2021.

By carrying on the theme of ‘Re.Creation’ this year, Jenius hopes to invite the digitally savvy Indonesian community to a variety of events and inspiring content that will serve as a break from their daily routine. Jenius also hosts speakers and discussions that can inspire participants to shape and reorganize their lives (re-creation) in the aftermath of the pandemic. The Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 events include competitions, workshops, conferences, and talks centered on three pillars: technology, life, and finance.

Waasi B. Sumintardja, Digital Banking Business Product Head at Bank BTPN, explained the Jenius co-creation event this year. “It’s been nearly two years since the pandemic began, and our movements have been restricted for nearly two years.” We recognize that, despite our various responses to these constraints, there is one thing that unites us: boredom. As a result, we hope that Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 will provide a venue for the digitally savvy community to unwind, refresh their minds, and be an inspiration in shaping and reorganizing their lives.”

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Jenius’s co-creation and collaboration take place through various channels. By October 2021, Jenius had received over 1 million votes from 35,000 Co.Creators or members of the Jenius Co.Create community who had registered on the platform. In addition, Jenius gathered feedback and ideas from digital savvy through more than 600 online surveys, focused group discussions, and in-depth interviews with over 83,000 Indonesian digital savvy community members. Jenius Co.Create organized 105 offline events and 110 online events, which were attended by over 8,000 digitally savvy members from Indonesia and around the world, including Oslo, Singapore, and New Zealand.

As a medium to share ideas, there are three competitions brought in the series of Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 event,  #JeniusAman, which includes: Public Service Announcement Video Competition, Jenius Co.Create Website Revamp Competition, dan Jenius App Animated Greetings Competition.

In Public Service Announcement Video Competition, participants are challenged to create a public service advertisement video about educating people of Jenius Aman and the way to protect self-confidential data. While Jenius Co.Create Website Revamp Competition is a competition to rework Jenius Co.Create sites, to make the looks more interesting and interactive. Then, for Jenius App Animated Greetings Competition, participants are challenged to create a greeting in animation deliveries to be implemented in the new Jenius app to make it looks more interactive. The collections of these works are open until December 10, 2021, and the winner will receive a prize of one hundred million Rupiah.

Jenius Conference that held virtually on 6-7 December 2021 will present inspiration figures that will share their stories inside the re-creation on the field of technology, life, and finance—with recreational nuance. This year, Jenius raises sustainability as the main theme on the pillar of life, because Jenius recognizes that current generations are becoming aware of the impact of climate change and intends to contribute by providing a solution.

On December 6, 2021, Melati Riyanto Wijse, Founder Youthopia, and Co-Founder Bye Bye Plastic Bags, will speak about the impact of climate change as the primary cause of eco-anxiety at the Born Activists: Dealing with the Eco-anxious Generation conference, which will be led by Mariska Adeline Sukmajaya, Senior Manager Innovative Finance at Rare. Melati will look more closely at how to begin a small but significant action to fight climate change.

Still, in the pillar of life, Jenius will also hold a live talkshow on Jenius Talks with one of the speaker is Gita Wirjawan, an entrepreneur, investor, politician, and statesman, during a session entitled “Proud Indonesian: What is Your Endgame?”, that will be held on 8th December 2021. Through this topic, Gita Wirjawan will discuss their life journey up to the reason for the creation of the Endgame podcast.

On the finance pillar, Jenius brings a virtual conference with Irwan S. Tisnabudi as a Digital Banking Head Bank BTPN, Waasi Sumintardja, as Digital Banking Business Product Head Bank BTPN, and Wahyu Pratomo, a Jenius Co.Creator that will discuss co-creation and collaboration process in Jenius, that also accompanied with Ucita Pohan, Radio Broadcaster & Author. According to the theme carried on this year, Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 will also offer services to help people reorganize their lives after the pandemic, through Jenius Financial Workshop with a financial trainer from QM Finansial. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one to discuss financial issues, perform a financial check-up, and develop a proper financial strategy while also improving their financial management.

On the Technology pillar, there is a Jenius Conference entitled Recreating “The Art Ecosystem: The NFT Story”, Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda, COO Tokocrypto, will speak about Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, which have recently gained popularity in the creative industry. This event will be hosted by Aria Rajasa, Founder of Karyakarsa. On the next, there will be Fajar Jaman, CEO IYKRA & Chief Strategy KORSANTEX, sharing about the importance of maintaining self-confidential data during a rampant fraudulence modus of digital social engineering in The Social Engineering Dilemma of Data Privacy, that will be hosted by Rahadian Rizki, Lead Data Scientist at Mamikos. There will also be a conference called Recreating the Way We Work, where Chrisna Aditya, Chief of Staff & Co-Founder of eFishery, will speak about the Work From Anywhere, or WFA, implementation system that is currently in use at eFishery, as well as the impact on work & life balance.

“Kami mengajak masyarakat digital savvy di mana pun berada untuk berpartisipasi dalam rangkaian acara Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021. Acara virtual ini bebas biaya dan dapat langsung diakses melalui laman Jenius berharap beragam tokoh dan konten inspiratif di acara ini dapat menjangkau lebih banyak masyarakat digital savvy sebagai wadah untuk bertumbuh dan bergerak maju bersama”, tutup Waasi.

“We invite any digitally savvy community to take part in the Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 event series. This virtual event is free to attend and can be found at Jenius hopes that by sharing these massive figures and inspirational content, more people will join in the space for them to grow and progress together “Waasi, please come closer.