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InMobi integrates SSP platform to Yahoo’s DSP, giving direct access to advertisers

Syifa, technology . 05 Jul 2022
InMobi x Yahoo

Heaptalk, Jakarta — InMobi, a marketing and monetization technologies provider, has cooperated with Yahoo to integrate InMobi Exchange supply-side platform (SSP) with Yahoo’s demand-side platform (DSP). The integration will grant multiple advertisers, brands, and buyers across Yahoo’s extensive global clients a direct access to a premium in-application supply and a large scale global users basis.

“A supply chain optimization is a critical element that has been highlighted by people across industries. The partnership provides advertisers a straight line to the Yahoo DSP system with greater efficiency to set up and optimize business campaigns in attracting more targeted audiences,” uttered Senior Vice President and General Manager of InMobi’s Publisher and Exchange platform.

Previously, InMobi’s substantial supply for International audiences had only been accessible through third-party exchanges for Yahoo. Through this partnership, the platform will deliver direct inventory bolstered by Software Development Kit (SDK) without intermediaries, build a seamless supply path optimization for advertisers worldwide and establish increased buyer transparency and efficiency.

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Welcoming this new collaboration, Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Vice President of Global Revenue and Client Solutions at Yahoo, stated, “Yahoo processes a diverse strong premium audience supply. By collaborating with InMobi, we expect to create a more straightforward outlook for numerous advertisers and enhance the transparency to establish optimization opportunities for our audiences,”

The extensive stable InMobi publisher partners plugged directly into Yahoo’s DSP platform will provide better monetization abilities and higher coverage with premium Fortune 500 brands. Also, over 200 billion data signals have fueled Yahoo’s omnichannel DSP. This connection enables the partners to optimize their reach by targeting more relevant audiences. Yahoo partners with the industry’s primary supply and SSP platform to present powerful inventory opportunities for many advertisers and brands while driving its supply optimization.

“We are excited to this new strategic cooperation. As the largest, credible mobile exchange platform, InMobi intends to boost the real connection with our consumers worldwide. Through this integration, Yahoo’s DSP clients will have transparency as they will be granted with direct access to InMobi’s Exchange’s reach,” Managing Director Asia Pacific (APAC) of InMobi, Rishi Bedi, said in his statement. (SFM)