CTO Qlue Named as CTO of The Year 2021 by The Globee Award

Heaptalk Team, technology . 20 Jun 2021

Heaptalk, JAKARTAQlue, the most comprehensive ecosystem provider in Indonesia, has won The 16th Globee Award in 2021 (18/06/2021). In addition, co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Qlue Andre Hutagalung have been awarded as CTO of The Year 2021 for the IT Hybrid category. Furthermore, the solution that Qlue has developed during the pandemic, which is QlueThermal, has also won Best Product. It is considered capable of suppressing the COVID-19 impact.

Andre Hutagalung said that he genuinely appreciates the awards given by The Globee Award. According to him, this award acknowledges Qlue’s achievement in presenting a solution capable of responding to society’s needs during a pandemic. Moreover, the pandemic has been forcing us to adapt quickly to the new normal lifestyle.

“I truly appreciate being named as CTO of The Year by The Globee Award for IT Hybrid category. This award is also a matter of pride for Qlue, as it has proven the smart city solution we present is well received. Of course, this will encourage us to continue innovating and present a new dimension for social activity,” Andre said.

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At the 16th IT World Awards, Andre is the only CTO from Indonesia who has won the award. In the final stage of the assessment, he outperformed another finalist from Virtana, a California-based artificial intelligence (AI) development company. A total of 65 expert judges from various countries were involved in the assessment process, which lasted for two months.

This award was given to Andre as the juries considered integrating the technology ecosystem in the COVID-19 detection protocol. QlueThermal solution developed by Andre and his teams is considered capable of responding to the challenges and presenting technical solutions to existing needs.

QlueThermal was also awarded The Globee Award as the Silver Winner in the AIoT Device for COVID-19 Protocols Detection category. The juries considered QlueThermal that Qlue presents have succeeded in integrating the AI technology and Internet of Things (AIoT) so it can detect and screen a person’s body temperature as part of the implementation of health protocols.

Founder and CEO of Qlue Rama Raditya said Andre’s success in becoming CTO of the Year 2021 in the IT Hybrid category results from the dedication that he has shown so far. Andre and his teams were able to respond to the challenges that existed in the making of QlueThermal – starting from the planning stage until the field implementation.

“This award is an International scale acknowledgment which is in line with our expansion plan to penetrate the global market. Our expansion plan has been running in several cities in Japan, Malaysia, and Philippines. This award would motivate us to be more productive in accelerating positive changes worldwide,” Rama said.

Co-President Globee Award, San Madan said these prestigious global awards recognize information technology and cybersecurity vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions, and services. It is helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of technology and cybersecurity.

“The information technology industry continues to show its resilience. The tech sector is robust and innovative. And the pandemic has changed the way people live, work, shop, and socialize, thereby accelerating demand for newer technologies and innovations everywhere,” said San.

Currently, the utilization of the QlueThermal solution has been implemented for more than 200 devices throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, other Qlue solutions have been spread in 58 cities in Indonesia with more than 133 clients. This is why the company’s business growth has increased 70% compared to the previous year.