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Zenius commits to improve the quality of Indonesia’s education with ZenRu

Heaptalk Team, startup . 26 Nov 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Considering the need for a technology platform to support the teaching-learning activities in Indonesia that can run smoothly and supportive, Zenius presents to increase teacher competency and student quality and the requirement that the teachers have to be digitally savvy. Now, it has been employed in South Sulawesi.

Introducing ZenRu (Zenius for Guru), which has been launched one year ago,  Zenius, has been delivering its commitment to serve the educational activities in Indonesia. Coinciding with National Teacher’s Day 2021, ZenRu now becomes a community EdTech platform for over 250 thousand teachers in Indonesia as current users.

Amanda Witdarmono Pandjaitan, Zenius’ Chief of Instructors’ Initiative, explained Zenius’ role in enabling teachers’ ease in realizing excellent learning, as well as teachers’ difficulties in stabilizing the learning system for students in the middle of challenging situations to hold a face-to-face learning schedule, instead it is now running in hybrid (a mixing teaching method to encompasses both the face-to-face and school of home).

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“The Zenius team clearly noticed the problems of the teachers in the ZenRu community, where they had to actualize excellent learning, or the struggles of the teachers to continue providing stability to students amid a face-to-face learning schedule that frequently changes,” Amanda stated.

Skills-based education, according to Amanda, will be an important learning capital for students in the post-pandemic age. As a result, Zenius always prioritizes skills, which emphasizes thinking skills; together, Zenius and teachers can contribute to the revival of education after the epidemic.

As a forum that supports teacher learning activities, Zenru, offers services in the form of apps that can be accessed via smartphones or laptops, allowing educators to effortlessly access hundreds of thousands of Zenius content libraries and invite students to learn.

They can also use the Learning Management System (LMS) to develop classes, provide practice questions for students, perform evaluations, and integrate them into Google Classroom.

According to Ir. H. Imran Jausi, M.Pd., the presence of Zenius has a beneficial impact on education since teacher competency grows, causing the South Sulawesi learning system to be more organized and optimal.

“With Zenius’ presence in our area for the past year, we have seen a beneficial impact in the field of education, particularly in enhancing the competence of teachers and the quality of pupils.” Because more than 5,000 teachers and thousands of students have participated in the Zenius program, beginning with ZenRu workshops and the implementation of the Student Competency Assessment Try Out (TO AKM) for high school students, as well as the UTBK Try Out for grade 12 students and gap year students throughout Sulawesi Province. South.” According to Imran