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Ternak Uang aims to empower millennial’s financial literacy

Heaptalk Team, news . 10 Dec 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Ternak Uang, an educational technology application that delivers financial knowledge, is on a mission to empower 10 million Indonesian investors. Launched by PT. Ternak Uang Nusantara, this application provides various training and learning resources relevant to current financial issues, as well as enhances financial literacy, particularly among millennials, and increases their willingness to learn about investment.

Furthermore, there are already evolving applications that provide investment platforms for various types of investment, starting from conventional, stock markets to digital assets (crypto). Of course, this is an opportunity to gain more income, such as by taking advantage of stock price fluctuations (short-term) or making an investment for the future (long-term).

However, according to Hoesen, the Executive Chairman of the Financial Services Authority’s Capital Market Supervision (OJK), Indonesia’s financial literacy and capital market inclusion are at a low level. And, to put it another way, the threat that novice traders may face is rather high, while many experts agree that understanding risk is essential while investing.

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Responding to this, Raymond Chin, CEO and Co-Founder of Ternak Uang, said the application was developed with a relevant and easy-to-understand approach for Indonesian millennials so that investment knowledge may be easily accessed and used as a legitimate reference to begin investing.

According to research undertaken by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), millennials aged 18–25 years only have a financial literacy rate of 32.1 percent, while those aged 25–35 years have a financial literacy rate of 33.5 percent, stated Raymond Chin, CEO and co-founder of Ternak Uang. This proportion is undoubtedly low, indicating that financial literacy in Indonesia requires more improvement.

Ternak Uang has undertaken a number of endeavors, including presenting investment experts and practitioners, including Luthfi Ridho (an economic expert for over 15 years), Dr. (cand) Edwin Sebayang, MBA., CSA., CIB. (a senior capital market practitioner who currently serves as Head of Research at MNC Securities), and Andre Varian, CFA., FRM., PFM. (capital market practitioners who have earned numerous international financial certifications).

Ternak Uang Feature

Ternak Uang’s investment education experience is aided by a number of features that can be accessed by only spending Rp. 125,000 each month. These features include:

  • Ternak Uang Academy – provides learning materials and recorded class that is renewed every week. The topic discussed is various, including consumer goods, behavioral finance, financial analysis, shares, up to how to read the financial report.
  • Interactive class – this feature allows users to join the interactive class that is conducted in collaboration with experts in insurance finance, securities, IPOT, cryptocurrency, banking, stocks, personal finance, and financial reporting. Training is available at all levels, from beginner to intermediate.
  • Preferred Stocks Watchlist – contains an in-depth analysis of selected stock issuers’ profiles, prospects, fundamental analysis, and valuation.
  • Ternak Uang Hotline – is a one-on-one chat-based consultation feature with Ternak Uang’s financial, investment, and insurance research analyst.
  • Insight – Presents daily curated news and market financial reports in a succinct and easy-to-understand format.


Stock Trading Competition

Ternak Uang also holds a trading competition with total prizes of up to Rp 1,1 billion to pique people’s interest in enhancing their financial literacy. This is an individual competition to assess participants’ abilities to use technical analysis when trading on the stock market.

Participants are required to maximize profits within two months from self-capital used for trading. In the end, those who rank in the top five will be invited to explain their trading strategy in front of the judges.

This trading competition was launched in response to the younger generation’s growing interest in investing. This is also due to the fact that Indonesia is classified as the country with the largest number of youth investors in the stock exchange’s history.

As stated by the co-founder, Timothy Ronald, “this trading competition will hone participants’ analytical skills and power in carrying out trading. In addition, this program is expected to be able to open up new opportunities for novice participants to increase their monetary and career benefits.”

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