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JD.ID closes its logistics service, JDL Express Indonesia

By . news . 24 Jan 2023

Logistics service of JD.ID, JDL Express Indonesia, was closed on January 22, 2023, and has not accepted new users since January 1.

Heaptalk, Jakarta — JD.ID announced the closure of its logistics service JDL Express Indonesia on January 22, 2023, as stated on the website of JDL Express Indonesia.

“JDL Express Indonesia services will be disabled as of January 22, 2023. If there are problems with sending your package, please contact our Customer Experience,” stated JDL Express.

This entity has also not accepted new user registrations since early 2023. JDL stated on its official website, “As of January 1, 2023, JDL Express Indonesia has deactivated the registration service for new users.”

In addition, the JD.ID offline store in Jakarta has also started clearing stock through a clearance sale, as informed by CNN Indonesia.

The news of the closure of this logistics service originated from JD.com’s plan to exit the Indonesian and Thai markets as sales growth in both countries had been constrained for several years, as cited by South China Morning Post (11/29).

Thereafter, the company was seeking investors to take its interest in JD.ID, a joint venture formed in 2015 by Chinese e-commerce JD.com and Provident Capital.

Reducing 30% of the workforce in December 2022

Following the exit plan, JD.ID announced layoffs of 30% of the workforce or as many as 30% of employees in December 2022. Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at JD.ID Setya Yudha Indraswara said that the layoffs were carried out as an adaptation step to face current business challenges.

“One of the steps taken by management is to streamline making the company can move to adapt to changes,” said Setya, as quoted by CNN Indonesia (12/13).

The retrenching is not the first taken by the company. In May 2022, JD.ID cut off employees which were said to be one of the improvisations to make the company could adapt and be in tune with market dynamics and industry trends in Indonesia.

According to JD.ID Director of General Management Jenie Simon, at that time the company was focusing on optimizing the workforce structure. “The company also makes decisions including restructuring measures, in which there is also a reduction in the number of employees,” concluded Simon.