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Deliveree platform closes US$70 million Series C funding

Syifa, feature-home . 28 Jun 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — A logistic platform Deliveree has announced to close its US$70 million Series C funding round led by Gobi Partners and SPIL Ventures and participated by its existing investor, Inspire Ventures. The fresh injection has brought the total funds netted by the startup over the past five years to US$109 million.

The Series C fund will be allocated to advance its market sector penetration, expand the services offered with the addition of containerized cargo solutions, and build the massive scale needed in Southeast Asia’s logistics marketplace. With the fresh funding and its partners’ support, Deliveree will accelerate its goal to become the Southeast Asian central marketplace for logistics on a large scale.

“Our mission is to digitize logistics by creating a simple, affordable, flexible, and scalable cargo transportation for all sizes of business. We have achieved this goal with our powerful marketplace platform that brings together logistics services buyers with a massive network of carriers and service providers. I claim our logistics as mega marketplace.” Tom Kim, Co-Founder & CEO of Deliveree, said about the investment.

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Likewise, the Managing Partner of Gobi Partners, Kay Mok, stated, “We have moved into an inflationary environment disturbed by supply chain issues during post-pandemic. Deliveree has built the best tech platform that is well-tested by marquee customers to enable the optimizing and decreasing total cost of operations for the logistics and shipping industry.”

This era is perceived as a crucial time for logistics in Southeast Asia with the accelerating tech platforms adoptions and transformation of the lagging trucking and logistics industry that the technology ecosystem has barely touched.

“With our strategic investment in Deliveree, we can provide them with strong supply chain operational capabilities as the initial of its type by aligning land and sea transport modes. This action will enable Deliveree’s tech platform to offer broader logistics solutions, extended beyond inland trucking with an inter-island reach supported by the SPIL network of container ships servicing all major ports in Indonesia.” Widarta Liunanda, SPIL Ventures in a statement.

This logistic platform has grown its gross transaction value by 3,2 times and is estimated will exceed USD100 million this year. Also, this technology company has enlarged its team to nearly 500 employees across four countries.

Furthermore, the businesses that employ Deliveree’s services to power their daily cargo shipments and deliveries have reached over 25,000. This robust growth demonstrates the strength of Deliveree’s business model and paints an exciting picture of the future of logistics technology in Southeast Asia.