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RedDoorz reduplicates properties to raise the tourism industry

Syifa, news . 30 Nov 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — RedDoorz, Southeast Asia’s most significant and fastest-growing hotel management, and booking platform, has announced its willingness to recover the tourism industry in Indonesia and reduplicate the number of its property in 2022. This platform has reported revenues of 512,000 occupied rooms in October 2021, compared to its most remarkable record of 165,000 rooms in May 2020, where the data solely covers the Indonesian market.

“We are extremely pleased to observe positive movement in the travel industry in Indonesia, as reflected in both our expansion and the progress of our property owners. The pandemic may be the most challenging period our industry has experienced to date. RedDoorz remains committed to working together with our partners to overcome this crisis,” said Adil Mubarak, Vice President of Operations RedDoorz in a statement. 

RedDoorz took the initial step to ensuring that all of their rooms met the highest standards of cleanliness by releasing HygienePass, a hygiene certification granted by The Indonesian Public Health Association (IPHA) in 2020. Currently, 80 percent of its properties in Indonesia have a HygienePass certification.

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Furthermore, this company has adopted a multi-brand approach by managing multiple brands currently, such as RedDoorz (economy budget), SANS Hotels (economic lifestyle), a trendy lifestyle hotel at an economical cost that targets millennial and Gen Z customers, KoolKost (long term community living), a co-living brand in Indonesia with an extendable stay period, which allows long-term guests to rent rooms with a flexible rent period, and Sunnera Hotels (middle-class hotel segment), a RedDoorz’s first breakthrough in the middle-range hotel segment.

Rayyan Argubi, The Owner of RedDoorz Plus near Seminyak Square, revealed regarding the partnership, “after joining RedDoorz, the occupancy rate increased steadily from 20% to 90% within several months. I want to emphasize that there is no loss as long as partnering with RedDoorz. The consideration is not only to the property but also to my employees. Marketing also has reasonable adjustments suitable for the market. Becoming a RedDoorz partner is one of the finest business decisions I have made, as this partnership has provided enormous support in the advancement of my hotel business. RedDoorz has provided several directions that continue to bolster us to increase and make an advantage presently. We are glad to see significant improvement in the period before and after the rebranding turn into RedDoorz Plus near Seminyak Square,” 

On the other hand, Lani Indrawati, The Owner of SANS Rajawali Hotel Surabaya, explained her opinion, “We are pleased to see this positive prospect in terms of profitability and room occupancy for all brands under RedDoorz. RedDoorz be able to prepare us to avoid the COVID-19 transmission and contribute solutions to meet the various necessity of our customers. By supporting RedDoorz, we assure that SANS Rajawali Hotel is ready to welcome the revenge travel trend in Indonesia,” 

Rayyan Argubi and Lani Indrawati responded to their partnership with RedDoorz shared their business experience during the COVID-19 outbreak. They gained the customers’ confidence and relished the expansion their properties experienced after partnering with RedDoorz. The owners have recorded 60-70% of the enhancement in occupancy rates since joining from 2019 to 2020.