Youth Virtual Conference 2022 drives climate action through sustainable business

Sinta, events . 22 Sep 2022
Youth Virtual Conference 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — A youth discussion forum organized by Tempo, Youth Virtual Conference (YVC) returned in September—October 2022. The event is participated by more than 250 students across universities in Indonesia to support the involvement of youth in encountering and controlling the climate crisis. The forum is also held ahead of the Civil 20 (C20) Summit in Bali on October 5—7 2022.

Fifty selected students who have passed the essay writing competition are entitled to join the entire agenda. YVC 2022 presents a boot camp and virtual conference developing a manifesto to be delivered at a town hall meeting, a forum where representatives of YVC participants will discuss with the minister.

During the Youth Virtual Conference 2022, several environmental experts were involved to motivate and share experiences with young people about what roles they can play in contributing to climate action. In utilizing natural resources, the youth should understand the sustainable business principle.

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Inez Stefanie, Partner at Equatora Capital – Supernova Ecosystem, emphasized that sustainable development goals (SDGs) are a lens and framework that should be used by business people in developing their businesses. The SDGs are a global action plan agreed upon by global leaders, including Indonesia, to reduce poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the environment, contains 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030.

In addition to the approach to operating a sustainable business, Inez mentioned the thoughts of John Elkington, one of the pioneers of the global sustainability movement, who introduced the concept of green swans. The concept emphasizes a paradigm shift that business is not solely for money but also paying attention to resources.

For example, taking people’s resources and future for the sake of today’s benefit is not permitted. Businessmen should consider workers’ aspects, including fair wages and opportunities to sharpen skills. “Regardless of how small the contribution, we are part of a bigger picture as we live on the same earth,” said Inez.

Likewise, Benedikta Atika, Impact Investment Lead at Angel Investment Network Indonesia (Angin), delivered that the forthcoming business should have an impact on the natural and social environment. The impact can be realized through a green economy framework and sustainable business.

Atika conveyed that youth can do many things to contribute to a green economy and sustainable business. She mentioned the example of producers, startups, or business people who develop green commodities, professionals who work on and support environmental issues, including the research profession, or simply consumers.

She added, “Simple things that youth can do as consumers, ranging from having awareness not to use excessive water or energy and buying products that do not damage the environment.” In her closing statement, Atika emphasized that every contribution from various roles to climate action is needed and can bring change for a better future.