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Yili Group to open new business opportunities for MSMEs

Syifa, industry . 22 Dec 2021
PT Yili signed a collaboration agreement with MSME

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Yili Group, Asia’s largest dairy product company, announced has cooperated with local MSMEs through its subsidiary, namely PT Yili Indonesia Dairy concerning raw material supply in its latest factory. This collaboration has been planned since its first investment in Indonesia, which aims to boost the national economy.

Indonesia’s Minister of Investment who also sits as the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadia, attended the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) held at The Mulia Resort, Bali. This signing is part of a partnership between Foreign Investment Companies (PMA)/Domestic Investment Companies (PMDN) and MSMEs, which successfully connects 89 PMA/PMDN companies, including Yili Group, and 382 MSMEs.

Bahlil expressed his gratitude for the collaboration, “Quality economic advancement is our objective. One of the conditions to achieve our goal is to espouse the distribution of economic equality, including MSMEs. The collaboration between companies and MSMEs is crucial. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to the entrepreneurs both domestically and internationally,”

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Beforehand, PT Yili Indonesia Dairy inaugurated the largest ice cream production facility in Indonesia last week. This ice cream factory is capable of producing 35 variants of Joyday’s ice cream, and ice cream brand that has spread across 260 regions of 26 provinces in Indonesia. The factory is estimated to have 159 tons of Joyday ice cream each day. This ice cream producer is expected to generate 4 million ice creams after the second investment phase.

Furthermore, Yili Group also plans to export products to other Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar. This plan is an initial stage of long-term investment and collaboration in Indonesia. As an effect of the Company’s expansion, the demand for raw materials will increase. The condition will be benefited by the local MSMEs as the raw material supplier. Moreover, the local entrepreneurs also can tap into this condition to open new business opportunities in a form of providing operational facilities for PT Yili Indonesia Dairy.

The President Director of PT Yili Indonesia Dairy, Yu Miao, delivered a statement, “We are delighted to work with MSMEs. Likewise, we are committed to creating job opportunities both directly and indirectly and collaborating with more local’s MSMEs continuously. Yili Group will also develop the local economy actively and cooperate with our partners to provide more benefits for society.”