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Waskita Karya constructs IDR 128 Million of mini-hydro power plant in West Sumatra

Heaptalk Team, indonesia . 01 Dec 2021
Waskita Karya

Jakarta’s Heaptalk —Waskita Karya Persero TBK, has signed a new contract worth IDR 128 million for the building of the Bayang Nyalo Mini-hydro Power Plant (PLTM). The power plant will be built near West Sumatera’s south shore and will have a capacity of 2×3 megawatts.

Inked a working agreement with PT Bayang Nyalo Hidro (BNH) on Friday, November 26, 2021, through its business unit, Engineering, Procurement & Construction Division (EPC Division).

“I hope that the contract signing between PLTM Bayang Nyalo and PT Bayang Nyalo Hidro will result in ease during the project’s implementation, which will ultimately lead to a positive contribution and grant blessing for Waskita,” Director of Operation III Waskita Karya, Gunadi, said Monday (29/11/2021).

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This PLTM will utilize the flow of the Bayang Nyalo River, which has a watershed area of 98.50 kilometers square, an average annual rainfall of 2.516 millimeters, a design discharge of 6.26 millimeters per second, a flood discharge of Q50: 501.30 millimeters per second, and a flood discharge of 100: 564.20 millimeters per second.

Meanwhile, the hydroelectric project has a net head of 100.51 meters and an installed capacity of 6 megawatts. The scope of work includes civil, hydromechanical, and electrical construction, but does not include turbines and generators (supplied by the owner).

Meanwhile, the work is divided into three major packages. The first package consists of a concrete weir (wide 28.4m), an intake, a concrete box culvert for water route 1 (length 188m), and a sandtrap (length 34m).

The second package contains a concrete box culvert for canal 2 (1,132m in length), a headpond (7m in width, 29m in length), and a penstock (Dia 1.8m, length 210m).

Package three covers the concrete and steel framework of the powerhouse (width 38.4m, length 17.7m) According to Gunadi, Director of Operation III PT Waskita Karya, the development of this PLTM is projected to give numerous benefits from a variety of perspectives.

For instance, from an environmental standpoint, it will significantly contribute to energy savings and reduced reliance on fossil fuels, both of which contribute to air pollution, where PLTM is a combination of new renewable energy sources (EBT).

Similarly, AS Wisnu Wijayanto, Senior Vice President EPC Division, highlighted that the development money comes from PT Bayang Nyalo Hidro on a monthly basis based on the progress made each month.

The PLTM development plan will be implemented over a period of 660 days, or 22 months. With the condition that the land has been bought in its entirety and with experience working on hydroelectric projects,

“We are optimistic that we can complete the project on time, with a guaranteed capacity, and in line with the Detail Engineering Design (DED) agreed upon by Waskita and Bayang Nyalo Hidro,” Wisnu added.