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TK Elevator’s new brand identity wins two Red Dot Awards

Heaptalk Team, international . 16 Nov 2021

Heaptalk, Düsseldorf — Since February 2021, TK Elevator has been presenting itself as a leading provider of elevators and escalators with a new brand identity and a new brand design. The creation of this change, together with design and brand consultancy MetaDesign, has won several awards from the expert jury of the renowned Red Dot Award. TK Elevator´s new brand identity has been awarded in the categories “Brand Design & Identity” and “Corporate Design & Identity”.

The Red Dot jury judged that the innovation and potential of TK Elevator had been successfully implemented in the launch of the company’s brand identity. As a coveted seal of quality, the Red Dot is awarded annually by an international jury for convincing creative achievement and high design quality. A total of 18 categories were honored in the competition for the Brands & Communication Design Awards.

The new brand supports the communication and visual repositioning of TK Elevator as a market leader and pioneer in innovative, digital solutions in the field of urban mobility. At the same time, it expresses established strengths such as innovation and future viability and is also convincing in an international environment. Despite the high demands the new brand was developed jointly by TK Elevator and MetaDesign in less than six months.

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“The award makes us extremely proud. It shows from an independent expert perspective that our brand launch was a success. Together, all those involved in the design process have impressively demonstrated how change can be used for new approaches. This applies to the TK Elevator brand, but equally to our agile, future-oriented company and our innovative and sustainable product and service offering,” comments Peter Walker, CEO of TK Elevator.

Continuous digital innovation plays just as prominent a role at TK Elevator as the commitment to shaping a world that offers future generations an environment worth living in. Entrepreneurial spirit, safety awareness and unconditional customer orientation characterize the corporate culture at TK Elevator as much as the endeavor to increase efficiency, conserve resources and make mobile life easier through smart technologies – whether in high-rise buildings, shopping centers, airports, or many other facilities. Walker says: “We always want to be a little better than our customers expect – through future-proof connected offers and our comprehensive services, which are unrivalled in the industry. The Red Dot Awards show that our brand stands for these values and is perceived as such.”