TipTip new campaign to attract 15,000 content creators in Q2 of 2023

Syifa, news . 07 Nov 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — After performing its official inception last July 2022, a creative content application, TipTip, revealed its premiere campaign of Do it on TipTip. The launch of this campaign is a part of this startup initiative to attract more creative players in Indonesia to increase their incomes by monetizing their creative ideas digitally, removing the algorithm matters that creators face.

According to the Founder and CEO of TipTip, Albert Lucius, the creator amount in Indonesia is predicted to continue to grow by 15% annually until 2027. Realizing the vast potential of the creative sector in the country, Albert proved his sincerity in boosting the creative economy by strengthening TipTip existence as the content creator economic ecosystem.

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Since its early inception this year, this platform has obtained around 17,000 users, comprising around 1,400 creator content. While from the content productions, this digital application can generate 200 quality content of the registered creator content monthly, divided into various sub-topics related to self-development, health, entertainment, technology, science, business, and entrepreneurship.

Until October 2022, this platform has scored its business improvement positively, with the revenue volume increasing up to nine times and recorded the users number climbing up to four times, compared to the early inception in July this year. This growth is a result of the startup Hyperlocal activity series in eight cities in Indonesia, covering Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, and Bali.

TipTip’s visit has received a positive response from the local community and has succeeded in embracing more people into this digital content ecosystem. As it is known, this creative content platform aims to target around 150,000 users and 15,000 creators and expand its coverage to the national level until Q2 of 2023. Through the launch of this initial campaign, the startup that gained its pre-seed round last march 2022 has robust confidence to reach this goal.

To simplify content monetization, the company team has improved several features to prom by providing Live Session tools to peddle their quality content, including a Live Session with tipping features in each session. Apart from granting tools for creators, TipTip has also presented a promotor feature, accessible for users to gain earnings by promoting their preferred digital content produced by their favorite creators.

Appreciating the campaign’s launch, the President Commissioner of TipTip, Triawan Munaf, expected this platform to grow more decisive in contributing to the creator’s economic ecosystem enhancement and can invite the people in Indonesia to experience the positive impact of being the content creator. Thus, Triawan affirmed this platform unlocked plenty of opportunities for people in diverse realms to obtain income from the creative industry.