The Health Department of East Kutai holds technical guidance on financial management

Sinta, news . 17 Nov 2022
health department

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The East Kutai Health Department holds technical guidance on administration and financial management at the Mercure Hotel, Samarinda on November 14-19, 2022. The activity is attended by 93 staff members from 21 public health centers (Puskesmas) in East Kutai and the Sangkulirang Regional Public Hospital (RSUD).

The technical guidance is organized under a legal basis in Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 79 of 2008 on the Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD). One of the points stated in the regulation is that the Regional Public Service Agency is obliged to make financial reports following the government accounting standards (SAP).

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The Secretary of the East Kutai Health Department Hariyati, who is also chairman of the technical guidance committee, delivered that the technical guidance aims to enhance human resource capacity in the field of administration and financial management for Community Health Centers and Hospitals in East Kutai which have the status of a Regional Public Service Agency.

“The activity is to develop the knowledge and abilities of the financial and asset management team at BLUD in presenting and submitting year-end financial reports and improving the financial management administration system in the regional apparatus organizations (OPD) of the Health Department. We hope that the financial reports presented by the public health centers and regional public hospital follow government accounting standards and are based on facts,” said Hariyati.

With an effective learning time of five days, the specific purposes of the activity are to improve the ability and competence of officers appointed as treasurers in carrying out their duties and functions in financial recording and reporting as well as to strengthen the treasurer’s commitment as one of the financial managers in carrying out good administrative practices.

In addition, this activity is purposed to enhance the ability and competence of the officer appointed as the goods manager in carrying out their duties and functions in recording and reporting inventories and assets as an integral part of the financial statements.