Teams up with Kargo Tech, Danone-AQUA enhances its logistic system

news . 21 Jun 2022
KargoNexus cooperates with Danone-AQUA

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Kargo Technologies, a logistics marketplace in Indonesia, announced its cooperation with Danone-AQUA to amplify the giant FMCG companies’ operational logistic system. The collaboration will assist in the digital transformation of the company’s logistics and supply chain system through KargoNexus platform.

KargoNexus is an app that assists a company in managing the supply chain and any logistic activities in the form of an integrated, comprehensive system. The system enables the Company to manage the first mile, mid-mile, and last-mile shipping management. In addition, the technology also assists in the selection of the vendor or transporter, the monitoring of delivery, and the data-based digital performance.

Providing comprehensive data analysis reports, KargoNexus drives the Company to make accurate decisions. For example, in the process of delivery allocation determination, the system will help Company to count the shipping volume based on the previous data.

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“One of the primary challenges we encountered in the field is the long duration for creating a plan and coordinating with the vendor and driver. With the solution Kargo provides, we can save time as vendors and drivers can interact directly through one platform. For Kargo’s technology, Danone does not need to pursue truck providers through telephone or email. Now, the delivery status is presentable and can be accessed easily,” stated Danone Cycles and Procurement Sr. Manager Logistics, Muhammad Riefqi.

Delivering a positive response to the cooperation, Co-Founder and CEO of Kargo Technologies, Tiger Fang stated, “Kargo is in the meeting point of logistics and technology with the vision to build digital infrastructure for Indonesia’s logistic industry. Kargo is excited to build an ecosystem that will provide easy access to our clients by streamlining a logistics and transportation landscape in Indonesia through technology.”

Riefqi uttered that the presence of KargoNexus will allow Danone-AQUA to easily order trucks by showing its prices instantly. The platform also facilitates its client to carry out private bidding to ensure order procurement. To this day, the platform implementation has led Danone-AQUA to experience direct impacts, including an intensity reduction on transporter calls of 99% and order confirmation acceleration of 85%.

The Company also is able to monitor the entire shipping status and obtain five times enhancement compared to the previous process. Digital transformation conducted by Danone-AQUA in logistics system has brought the Company to enhance logistics procurement efficiency by 30%. Therefore, KargoNexus services are perceived to deliver a million benefits to the Company.

In additional information, ArgoNexus app provides unlimited integrated access to the sender regarding shippers, drivers, and couriers. Supported by Kargo Technologies, the platform has the main operating system for Indonesia’s logistics and truck compliance, which covers 8,000 operators and 75,000 trucks across the country. (WLN)