Smart City 2021 Program to achieve a better data governance

Syifa, indonesia . 15 Dec 2021
Heading to Indonesia's Smart City

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia organized the closing of Smart City 2021 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Tangerang. The program is a part of the actualization of digital transformation to facilitate advanced governance for Indonesian government data.

Nowadays, the total of regional and central government applications for public service are estimated to be 24,700 applications. The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Johnny Gerard Plate, stated that an initiative to build 7 to 8 super applications for this issue would profoundly minimize the spend of state budget. The rest budget, further, can be allocated to other priority sectors.

Johnny delivered a statement during his speech at Indonesia City Conference, “due to the happening of urbanization, we have to develop a city strategy that is accommodative, and the evolution of a smart city through the Movement Towards Smart City is one of the efforts made by us together, which was an initiative by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,”

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According to Johnny’s report, the value of Indonesia’s Internet of Things (IoT) market shares will likely increase from IDR 355 trillion in 2022 and reach the number of IDR 557 trillion in 2025. The regional government is encouraged to utilize digital technology, including the IoT, as a wise approach to optimize governmental service for society.

“Internet of Things technology will experience rapid development in 2025, due to 41,6 million IoT devices possibly being installed globally. In Indonesia, the number of IoT devices could reach 400 million in 2022, then increases to 678 million devices in 2025 with the presence of 5G,” said Johnny in a statement (14/12).

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology plans to implement smart cities to achieve Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP). The government intends to retrieve the tourism sector, the most affected sector during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“In 2021, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology helps develop the smart city master plans for tourism areas, such as Lake of Toba, Tanjung Kelayang, Borobudur, Bromo Tengger Semeru, Mandalika, Morotai, Likupang, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, and Labuan Bajo,” said Johnny in his statement.

Moreover, Johnny added, “The realization for Smart City is possible through collaboration with various elements in Indonesia. In this movement, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics advises selected city and district governments in creating a master plan for smart city development,”

The presence of a smart city in Indonesia might cause a challenge for the population, with the possibility of 82.37% living in urban centers in 2045. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will evaluate the entire program to avoid misconstructions and deliver a well-strategized implementation.