SKK Migas strengthens collaboration to achieve the target of 1 million barrels

Sinta, industry . 23 Sep 2022
SKK Migas

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business (SKK Migas) continues to increase national oil and gas production, collaborating with the Cooperation Contract Contractor (KKKS) and multiple stakeholders. The effort is carried out to achieve the target of 1 million barrels of oil and 12 BSCFD gas in 2030 through multiple work programs and operations upstream.

Numerous indicators of work programs in 2022 and realization achievements until the first semester of 2022 show a significant increase in various upstream oil and gas operational activities, including drilling development wells, drilling exploration wells, well service activities, and workovers—oil well intervention involving invasive techniques.

The production target of the upstream oil and gas industry cannot be accomplished solely by SKK Migas and KKKS, but also by the support of all relevant stakeholders to bring about investment and operations running smoothly. Upstream oil and gas activities are very closely related to various parties which help provide licensing support, land acquisition, and fiscal policies.

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The Acting Head of the Program and Communication Division of SKK Migas Mohammad Kemal said, “Upstream oil and gas activities involve various parties, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, SKK Migas encourage KKKS to improve work programs and perform their operations excellently as well as to build better collaboration and synergy with stakeholders.”

The ongoing process of the energy transition to clean energy poses a challenge for the upstream oil and gas industry to raise production and reduce emissions simultaneously. Kemal revealed that one of the measures of the energy transition is to encourage the growth of the gas industry, both related to energy and industrial raw materials. The measure will reduce carbon emissions and increase energy security.

Upcoming Event: International Convention for Indonesia Oil and Gas in November 2022

Towards the end of 2022, the upstream oil and gas industry continues to evaluate and seek new breakthroughs to increase oil and gas production to achieve the target. Strong support from stakeholders will become a firm foundation to accelerate work programs in 2023.

“The discussion on the energy transition and the support of stakeholders to attain the 2030 target to produce 1 million barrels of oil and 12 BSCFD gas, becomes an interesting topic for the people of the upstream oil and gas industry. The 46th IPA Convex which takes place from September 21—23 2022 also highlights the issue. This will be an interesting discussion,” added Kemal in Jakarta (21/09).

The good news from the upstream oil and gas sector in the midst of high world oil prices is that more new oil and gas fields are discovered in 2022 than in previous years. The achievement of the reverse replacement ratio (RRR) in the last four years has reached above 100%. The number shows that national oil and gas reserves can be well maintained and become a firm foundation for increasing oil and gas production in the long term.

As the peak of multiple activities carried out by various associations in the upstream oil and gas sector, SKK Migas and KKKS will hold the International Convention for Indonesia Oil and Gas (ICIOG) at the end of November 2022.

Kemal hopes that the series of discussions on increasing national oil and gas production and the energy transition that has been carried out by various entities and associations in the upstream oil and gas sector will be further sharpened in the ICIOG 2022 activities. “Thus, in the remaining 2022 the upstream oil and gas industry will have accomplished matters that must be improved and prepare opportunities for better 2023”, concluded Kemal.