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Regent Ardiansyah ensures that infrastructure development is aligned with East Kutai’s mission

Sinta, news . 18 Nov 2022
infrastructure development

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Since their inauguration on February 26, 2021, East Kutai Regent Ardiansyah Sulaiman and Vice Regent Kasmidi Bulang have focused on realizing the Regency’s vision to manage a prosperous East Kutai for all. One of their concerns is ensuring that infrastructure development goes well aligned with the Regency’s mission, which is to provide basic services for the community proportionally and equitably.

According to Regent Ardiansyah, the East Kutai Government through its policies has implemented several programs, including the maintenance of regency roads 26.4 km and the improvement of regency roads 7.61 km. In addition, residential roads were also built through an 8,420 m cementation program, 3,570 m of road filling, and 579 m of drainage.

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Currently, the Regency Government through the Public Works Department and its partners are carrying out improvements to APT Pranoto Street, Wolter Monginsidi Street, and Mulawarman 1 Street in Sangatta City. The Government is also undertaking infrastructure improvement in several districts, including roads in Himba Lestari Village, Batu Ampar District.

East Kutai is preparing some programs to be implemented in 2023 to maximize infrastructure development, namely a multiyear program for road and bridge construction.

Ardiansyah delivered, “The East Kutai Government program also focuses on river normalization on the Majai River, construction of village ponds in five villages, construction of groundwater wells for raw water in five villages, and construction of two surface irrigation networks.”

Further, to improve clean water supply facilities, the East Kutai Government also expanded the regional drinking water company (PDAM) network in two locations as well as built and expanded rural clean water networks in five villages. Ardiansyah realized that the Government has the main task of providing basic facilities for the community that is adjusted to the regional financial capabilities as outlined in the regional revenue and expenditure budget (APBD).

Lastly, Ardiasnyah expected continuous support from the community for the development policies in the Regency. Hopefully, all development programs can be achieved according to the planned targets by the end of the current leadership period.