ReCharge Indonesia adds more power bank stations in public areas

Syifa, news . 11 Aug 2022
ReCharge Indonesia

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Internet of Things company (IoT), ReCharge Indonesia, has expanded its power bank station to several public areas. The addition of the charging station aims to provide solutions for society with a high intensity of using their smart device, removing people’s concern regarding their battery capacity for a long duration.

The additional power bank machine station are disseminated in numerous public transportation locations, including TransJakarta Bus Stops (35), MRT Jakarta station (13), and KRL Commuter Line stations on Jakarta – Bogor route (23). Through this action, this IoT startup has installed over 1,000 ReCharge Stations around the Jakarta Metropolitan Area, Bandung, and Yogyakarta.

“Perceiving the significant growth of passengers in using public transportation that connects to the Jakarta Metropolitan Areas, we intend to spread ReCharge Station existence in strategic locations to facilitate society in accessing a power bank rental. We also will focus on capturing our partners’ demand in providing the stations in retail and food and beverage areas in our coverage areas,” said Dick Listijono, CEO of ReCharge Indonesia, during the conference.

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Realizing the enhancement of users’ need for high battery capacity during the post-pandemic, ReCharge provides three models customized with the placement locations: the Small ReCharge Station with eight power banks slots and the Medium ReCharge Station with 16 power banks slots that are delivered in the restaurants, fitness centers, salon/spa, and lounge/bar. In addition, the Large ReCharge Station containing 30 and 50 power bank slots, is presented in Malls, Offices, Stations, Hospitals, Hotel Lobby, and Exhibition Halls.

To experience the ReCharge service offered, customers can download the ReCharge application through Google Play Store and App Store to find the nearest power bank stations through the ReCharge Search feature. After detecting the station’s point, users are suggested to choose appropriate cables that suit their device. ReCharge provides power banks with diverse cable types, spanning the Lightning/iOs, Micro USB/Android, and USB Type C.

The rent prices for two hours is Rp2,000, while for four hours and twenty-hours are Rp4,000 and Rp30,000 respectively. This IoT enterprise has cooperated with several fintech platforms to simplify the cashless payment process, including ShopeePay, LinkAja, GoPay, OVO, DANA, Credit Card, Mega Bank, BNI, and BCA Virtual Account.

As a part of welcoming the International Conference, G20 Presidency of Indonesia, which will be held in November this year, ReCharge will also collaborate with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to provide its power bank stations in the G20 event area in Bali. This action is expected to grant proper solutions to the International delegates who attended this conference.

“We appreciate the strategic action of ReCharge Indonesia in providing solutions for society. We also expect this startup can augment its power bank stations in five super priority tourist destinations in Indonesia: Labuan Bajo, Toba Lake, Borobudur Temple, Mandalika, and Likupang, to help visitors in operating their devices longer during vacations activity,” stated Neli Yana, Coordinator Regional Economic Governance (TKED) lll at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.