East Kutai Vice Regent support the launch of Pintu Air Savings and Loans Cooperative

Sinta, news . 23 Nov 2022
Pintu Air Cooperative

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Pintu Air Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP Kopdit), headquartered in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, opened a branch office in Sangatta, East Kutai. Vice Regent Kasmidi Bulang inaugurated the new branch office located on Hidayatullah Street, Teluk Lingga, North Sangatta (11/22).

Vice Regent Kasmidi appreciated the KSP Kopdit Pintu Air which brings a positive impact by helping the community’s economy. According to him, cooperative institutions have the role to drive the economy.

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Kasmidi said, “In 2018 Pintu Air was established in East Kutai and this year it already owns large assets and is guaranteed to be safe. Those are the main points since not many cooperatives can do that.” He invited Pintu Air Cooperative to become partners with the local government to help the community, particularly in the people’s economy.

“Hopefully we can maintain harmony and unity among citizens, including the East Nusa Tenggara Family Association (IKB NTT) to work together with the government in keeping peace in this regency,” said Kasmidi.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Pintu Air Cooperative Committee for Sangatta branch Yulius Nong Plea delivered that the establishment of Sangatta’s office becomes the 57th branch out of 58 branches throughout Indonesia.

“We have met the requirements to establish a branch office here, including the ownership of an investment value of Rp8 billion (equals to US$510,176 with US$1Rp15,680.9) and 1,080 members,” said Yulius.

KSP Kopdit Pintu Air was founded on April 1, 1995, and is now chaired by Yakobus Jano. The cooperative provides multiple services, namely daily interest savings (Sibuhar), education funding savings (Sidandik), spiritual tourism savings (Sipintar), term voluntary savings (Sisuka), stock savings, and future savings (Simada). Pintu Air Cooperative is also developing business units in several sectors, spanning the production of salt and coconut oil, tourism and land transportation services, and supermarkets.