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PEVS 2022 opens the electrification era in Indonesia

Heaptalk Team, news . 25 Jul 2022
PEVS 2022 Press Conference

Heaptalk, Jakarta — PERIKLINDO Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2022 officially opened at JIExpo, Jakarta on Friday (07/22). At the event, Indonesia Electric Vehicle Industry Association (PERIKLINDO), which cooperates with Dyandra Promosindo intends to support Indonesia’s government towards Indonesia’s clean energy, specifically by promoting the use of electric vehicles in the archipelago.

Embarking the event, lofty well-known people attend the opening ceremony, including the Chairman of PERIKLINDO Moeldoko, General Secretary of PERIKLINDO Tenggono Chuandra Phua, Special Staff of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs I Gusti Putu Suryawirawan, Executive Vice President of PLN Hikmat Drajat, the President Director of Mandiri Tunas Finance Pinohadi G. Sumardi, President Commissioner of Dyandra Promosindo Ery Erlangga, President Director of Dyandra Promosindo, Daswar Marpaung, and Project Director PEVS 2022 Hendra Noor Saleh.

During the opening ceremony, the automotive ecosystem and industry players were represented by the presence of Chief Operating Officer (COO) DFSK, Mr. Franz Wang, President Director of Wuling, Shi Guoyong and President Director of Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB), Kelik Irwanto. Adopting “Advancing and Civilizing The Electric Vehicle Industry”, PEVS 2022 aims to socialize and increase awareness of electric vehicles to build the electrification ecosystem in Indonesia.

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“PEVS 2022 will be an event that can be a ‘stimulus’ and a ‘bolster’. A stimulus for all parties in Indonesia to switch to electric cars that aligns with the Authority’s programs, namely conventional vehicle transition to the electric vehicle and the conversion from an existing car to an electric vehicle. Today’s moment will be the stimulus for us to transform ourselves, although the way is rocky.” Said Moeldoko.

The Chairman of PERIKLINDO added the implementation of the event aims to demonstrate how simple electric vehicle use is while breaking the assumption about the complicated use of the vehicle. PEVS 2022 also can be a moment for the industry players to showcase their latest innovations.
According to Moeldoko, the electric vehicle has answered two global challenges – energy crisis and global sustainability. Today, the energy commodity has incrementally increased amidst the challenge of a clean environment. An electric vehicle that brings energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly becomes the solution for the issue.

“Indonesia has tremendous natural sources for the world’s electric vehicle development. We need to take the leap and keep up with the electric vehicle progress. PEVS 2022 should be a moment that stimulates and bolsters all of us. We expect all parties to have the same awareness toward the electric vehicle, thus we can tackle the global challenge.” affirmed Moeldoko. (WLN)