Parkee invested in Alfabeta to develop an AI-based parking system

Sinta, news . 08 Sep 2022
Parkee and Alfabeta team

Heaptalk, Jakarta — An Indonesia’s parking management app developer, Parkee, invested in a local company of artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) developer, Alfabeta. Both parties agree to sign the share transfer agreement at Treasury Tower, Jakarta (31/08). This investment is carried out through Parkee’s holding company, PT Centrepark Citra Corpora, with an undisclosed investment value.

The action opens opportunities for collaboration in business development, including building an AI-based parking system. CEO of PT Centrepark Citra Corpora, Charles Richard Oentomo, said, “We want to create a one-stop solution for our clients, such as malls, airports, and seaports. The solution includes various identification data, both vehicles, and users. This technology will continue to evolve.”

Founded in April 2018, Alfabeta focuses on developing intelligent video analytics that can be implemented in various business sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, advertising, and building management, as well as in modern society.

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CEO of Alfabeta, Taufiq Wibowo, said there is a large need for technology in the parking industry. Aligned with the issue, Alfabeta develops the technology that can benefit both building management and parker users. “We also have many technologies, such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), vehicle detection, counting, and tracking as well as object detection, counting, and tracking. With this investment, we hope that Parkee and Alfabeta can grow bigger, not only responding to needs at the local level but also the global,” uttered Taufiq.

The ANPR technology can detect licensed plate numbers (TNKB) and register the results automatically into the user database. Vehicle detection, counting, and tracking is a technology that detects the type of passing vehicle, counts the number, and tracks the path passed. Meanwhile, the object detection, counting, and tracking technology detect the presence and movement as well as counts the number of objects within the camera’s range.

The technology developed by Alfabeta can detect attempts to change the license plate number in the parking area. Another advantage is that users can make cashless payments that will be directly connected through the application on the user’s smartphone, such as via QRIS or e-wallet.

According to Kevin Sanjoto, CEO of the shareholder of Alfabeta, Altavindo, AI turns the seen objects into data to be analyzed and developed further to obtain feedback. The analysis results in a variable to support decision-making or other developments. “Therefore with AI, we hope that all efficiencies will increase, costs will decrease, and certainly at the same time we promote the work of the Indonesian,” said Kevin.

As Indonesian companies, Parkee and Alfabeta optimists to deliver AI utilizing modern and advanced technology to fulfill the needs of domestic and export markets. Currently, both parties focus on technology development for the existing clients. Onwards, the companies will be more expansive in spreading the latest technology created by the nation’s children.

“After Q1 2023 is complete, we will open the doors as wide as possible, for all operators, whether office buildings, shopping centers, or other public facilities. Thus, people can feel the innovation of parking technology of this nation’s children to have a smooth parking experience,” concluded Taufiq.