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Otozilla to launch DASH, an automotive assistant app

Syifa, automotive . 21 Dec 2021
Otozilla to launch Dash, an automotive assistance apps

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Otozilla, an Indonesian automotive social commerce platform, has launched DASH, an automotive assistant application. The launch of Otozilla’s latest product was organized at LAVVA Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. By adopting The Future of Indonesia: Connected Cars as a theme of the event, this automotive platform intends to advance people’s comprehension regarding vehicle maintenance, service records, and safety driving. 

The CEO & Co-Founder of Otozilla, Kenny Joseph, attended the event to inaugurate the launch of DASH. He stated, “The launch of this product is in line with our mission, as a platform that becomes a home for communities and automotive enthusiasts, (a place) for sharing information and connecting automotive industry experts. By establishing DASH, We expect society will be more overt and aware of the importance of maintaining their vehicle condition. We have worked closely with various parties and communities to reinforce DASH to run seamlessly,”

The Central Bureau Statistics (BPS) recorded the number of vehicles in Indonesia reached 133 million units in 2019, an enhancement of 5% from the preceding year. Automotive literacy has to be improved due to this increase. Otozilla took the initiative to launch DASH, a solution to boost people’s understanding of maintenance and safe driving.

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The Head of Indonesia’s Traffic Corps of Standard Vehicle Ownership Document, Rezkhy Dewanto, added, “By increasing the number of vehicles in Indonesia, the society has to be aware of the vehicle’s condition for their safety. We believe that Otozilla’s initiation to launch DASH can be a good starting point for creating a good driving ecosystem,”

Furthermore, BPS Q2 in 2021 reported the rise of cars and motorcycle sales from a Year on Year (YoY) based on comparative research between Q2 in 2020 and Q2 in 2021. The total motorcycle sales reached 268.64%, and car sales increased by 758.68%. By this increasing number, people are required to maintain their vehicles, particularly in the Jakarta area, due to the Jakarta Governor’s Regulation number 66 of 2020 concerning Exhaust Gas Emission Tests for Motorized Vehicles.

“We believe the launch of DASH is our initial stage to educate society about the importance of maintaining their vehicles. We will innovate continuously to become a platform for automotive enthusiasts to channel their business and aspirations precisely in the future. I expect Otozilla to become a complete and valuable digital home for automotive enthusiasts,” Sanny Liawati, the Commissioner & Co-Founder of Otozilla said in a statement (19/21).

The launch of DASH was attended by 20 automotive community representatives across Indonesia, which has more than 28,000 members. Likewise, Kenny clarified the significance of this initiation in his closing statement, “We deeply comprehend the importance of automotive literacy. Therefore we will look forward to seeking new initiatives to ensure a better future for the automotive industry.”