On its 31st birthday, Goldmart delivers fresh concepts to target young gen

news . 16 Jun 2022
Reopening of Goldmart Margocity

Heaptalk, Jakarta – Celebrating its 31st birthday, Goldmart, a prominent jewelry boutique, delivers a new look of its branch at Margocity, Depok. In addition to providing a fresh ambiance to its customers, the brand also offers a new collection and special promotions to its loyal customers on the branch reopening.

“The reopening of this branch also remarks Goldmart 31 years in serving our loyal customers. I would like to deliver my gratitude to all parties that always support our business,” stated Goldmart Head of Marketing Communication, Yolana Limman.

After being renovated for two months, Goldmart Margocity experienced significant transformation as it employs a modern minimalist design. Adopting homey as its concept, the fresh look of the store is built by the combination of cream and white. A little touch of gold also is added to make the space looks classier.

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“We intentionally seek a new concept that provides our consumers a more convenient, spacious, and luxurious space. In this branch, we choose white that is combined with gold. We also put several mirrors to make the place looks more spacious,” added Limman.

Moving to the jewelry showcase, the Company mentioned that the color gold was selected to interpret the shine of Goldmart’s product. The color also is employed in the products’ pedestals and pads; thus, the shine of diamonds can be seen in more detail and vivid. Goldmart also put a large sofa and snacks to provide convenience to the customers’ friends or family who accompanied them in purchasing the jewelry.

Turning 31, Goldmart introduces its new collection spanning rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets with simple and minimalist designs. The design is dedicated to women, especially the young generation, who seek elegant and beautiful looks. Goldmart delivered that the Company always listen to women’s desires, hence it launched a concept that is fitted for daily use or for special occasions.

“In the post-pandemic, we view that women’s interest in owning jewelry remains high. Then, we introduce a classic model that we recognize as a timeless trend. The model can be worn for 5 years, 10 years, or even 15 years. Moreover, it also is suitable for daily use.

Goldmart new collection

Goldmart new collection

Apart from its new collection, Limman also added, “We offer special promotions for the first, second, and third consumers. The first buyer will get a 50% discount, while the second and third consumers will obtain a discount of 45% and 30%, respectively. This best deal will be applied until 16th June 2022.”

The Company established in 1991, perceives that the post-pandemic is a golden moment to revive as the relaxation of the covid-19 restriction makes the situation conducive for shopping. With the fresh look and special promotions offered, Goldmart expects to double its sales in the post-pandemic to three digits of selling. (WLN)