Ministry of Trade will Hold The 37th TEI in October 2022

Sinta, economy . 12 Aug 2022
Trade Expo Indonesia

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan, has launched the largest international trade fair in Southeast Asia, namely 37th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) in Jakarta (10/08). The exhibition will be held in a hybrid format through an offline platform on 19—22 October 2022 and an online platform on 19 October—19 December 2022.

The offline exhibition will take place at Indonesia Convention Center (ICE) BSD City, Tangerang, Banten, while the online event will be conducted through the official website of Trade Expo Indonesia.

Carrying the theme ‘Strengthening the Global Trade for Stronger Recovery’, Zulkifli hoped the 37th TEI could be a turning point for the rise of the post-pandemic economy of Indonesia and global. The Minister said, “As an effort to grab the momentum for post-pandemic economic recovery, particularly in terms of improving Indonesia’s trade performance, the Ministry of Trade continues its commitment to securing domestic and foreign markets through various priority programs, one of which is increasing exports.”

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Therefore, Zulkifli explained activities at 37th TEI, such as promotions, exhibitions, trade missions, and business meetings, are going to be performed in an integrated promotional event with a hybrid format through offline and online platforms.

TEI is a part of the priority programs to increase the non-oil and gas export. Although global trade remains uncertain, the Minister is optimistic that Indonesia’s leading export products will be able to survive and penetrate new export markets. Several actions have been taken by the Ministry to encourage exports, one of which is signing several trade agreements. Zulkifli hoped the trade agreements serve as a tollway to speed up transactions that can be utilized by business actors and exporters.

Further, the exhibition will provide convenience and comfort for visitors and buyers. Visitors can directly witness quality products on the display racks and also take advantage of the digital platform. Thus interactive activities between sellers and buyers can run more efficiently and effectively.

During the previous exhibition in 2020, which was held virtually, the 36th TEI recorded a transaction value of US$6.06 billion. Hence the Minister expected the 37th TEI could increase transaction value by 65%, worth US$10 billion. The exhibition is going to present seven business subsectors, namely manufacture, fashion and accessories, health care and beauty, food and beverage, medical equipment, furniture, and home décor, as well as digital services.

Besides the trading sector, Trade Expo Indonesia has become a promotional agenda for tourism and investment. Promoted products include export-oriented products and services, tourism destination promotion, and investment opportunities in Indonesia.

Director General of National Export Development, Didi Sumedi, reported the 36th TEI was participated by 834 exhibitors, 8,220 buyers, and 32,030 visitors both from Indonesia and foreign countries. The 37th TEI is expected to attract 1,000 exhibitors and 66,000 visitors, both offline and online. “We also collaborate with the representatives of the Republic of Indonesia in overseas to invite importers in their accredited countries to succeed the 37th TEI,” said Didi.

Along with the 37th TEI, the Ministry will also hold Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2023 on 20—22 October 2022. In his closing statement, Didi stated that this activity is an effort to make Indonesia capital of the halal industry and a fashion for the world’s muslim fashion industry.