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Millionaire Race Challenge, saving tourism foreign exchange

Syifa, economy . 22 Nov 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Millionaire Race, an SME-based tourism competition event, has been planned by The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to popularize tourism, particularly domestic tourism. Kemenparekraf intended to keep on this event alternately every three months throughout Indonesia.

The first Millionaire Race was held in 2018 in Bali and reached 6 million views on social media, with 210 participants bolstering cultural activities, culinary tourism, and promoting SMEs. The second Millionaire Race was held in Bali in April 2021 with 224 participants after the first pandemic subsided and gathered 27 million social media views. This attempt collected domestic tourist increases in Bali trips in a month from 3,000 people to 6,000 people daily,  in advance of descending back due to PPKM, which affected the tourism foreign exchange.

Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo, frequently called Bossman Sontoloyo, an Indonesian entrepreneur, about his point of view to the government regarding the circumstances of tourism foreign exchange in minimizing the overseas trip for Indonesians. He intended to espouse stabilizing the country’s foreign exchange, particularly from the tourism sector.

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Bossman conveyed that the diversion of foreign tourism exchange worth hundreds of trillions of rupiah annually spent by Indonesian tourists overseas can be accomplished to be spent only in Indonesia presently. Moreover, a graduated man of the State University of San Fransisco also stated that the solutions for economic revival during the COVID-19 outbreak and post-pandemic are to rapidly revolve the state’s money over the domestic tourism sector.

Furthermore, Bossman provided his explanation regarding the festival “Millionaire Race is a program of cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and several private parties to boost tourism, wrapped in challenges and games with prizes of hundreds of millions of rupiah,” he added, “traveling by playing and acquiring millions of rupiah will encourage the tourism actors enthusiasm to spend their vacation in Indonesia,” 

The Millionaire Race is the latest method to travel for the participants of the event to be immortalized in photos and videos uploaded on their social media. They will be granted a tremendous score for each challenge passed by the participants will be recorded on a massive number of views of the pictures and videos they uploaded. 

“With hundreds of millions of views on social media, it will stimulate tourists to visit all of Indonesia’s regions and will make hundreds of trillions of rupiahs of money spin in the strength of Indonesia’s domestic economy,” said Bossman in his statement.

The third Millionaire Race was held on November 18th -21st, 2021, in Central Java and Yogyakarta by presenting “The Borobudur Millionaire Race 3” theme. Two hundred fifty participants attended the festival and targeted 50 million social media viewers. The upcoming Millionaire Race will be held in Jember, Pasuruan, Malang, Batu as a representative from East Java. The local government is expected to actively promote their region, with up to thousands of participants at each festival.