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KoinLearn edtech feature, elevating digital business insight for Indonesia’s MSME

Syifa, news . 28 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — A financial application, KoinWorks, has established an educational feature that provides learning video content for MSMEs, KoinLearn. Through this newest feature, users can access business learning materials developed by experienced professionals as tutors on the platform for no charge.

With over two million users, this peer-to-peer lending app continually seeks to provide business solutions by comprehending the MSMEs’ obstacles in growing their businesses. Moreover, Indonesia’s government would target around 30 million MSMEs player to penetrate the digital ecosystem in 2024 to boost a national digital economy.

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As reported by the National Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey (SNLIK) in 2019, the level of financial literacy in Indonesia only reached 38%. Observing the low financial management comprehension, KoinWorks continued to show its support by developing KoinLearn.

“The official launch of KoinLearn will resolve the MSMEs requisites in enhancing their knowledge and skills to maximize the business improvement in this digital era. KoinLearn is designed as a short learning platform with bite-sized videos of about two or four minutes devoted to several business owners. We believe that the proper education platform is an essential bridge for the digital skills improvement of MSMEs,” said Chief Platform Officer of KoinWorks, Jonathan Bryan, during the media launch.

KoinWorks has cooperated with numerous institutions and business experts to provide multiple learning materials. KoinLearn features around 70 business learning materials divided into business management strategies and financial management. The registered MSMEs as the KoinWorks users can access these educational tech videos through a business account registration on the KoinWorks platform.

As one of the KoinLearn tutors, a Content Creator, and Entrepreneur, Fellexandro Ruby, stated, “In fact, learning cannot be separated from business execution as businessmen should upgrade themselves with existing business development. We have to appreciate the presence of KoinLearn to provide an added value for this financial technology startup that focuses on the digital-based business growth of Indonesia’s MSMEs,”

in addition to Fellexandro, the KoinWorks team also consists of 15 talented and passionate entrepreneurs in spreading plenty of business insight according to their fields to share a business case study, allowing MSMEs to apply in their business strategy. Through the launch of KoinLearn, KoinWorks expects to attract its two million users utilizing this educational tool until the end of 2022. As a part of the company’s further intention, KoinLearn aims to continue its platform development to deliver a comprehensive learning facility for MSMEs in Indonesia.