INACRAFT Reborn 2022 hooks large crowd, marking the rise of Indonesia’s economy

Heaptalk Team, indonesia . 25 Mar 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta – Regarding the relaxation of the covid-19 restriction, a series of exhibitions embarks to be held, one of which is INACRAFT Reborn 2022. Starting its occasion on March 23rd, the event is successful in captivating consumers’ attention. The big crowd during the event, later, is translated as a sign of Indonesia’s recovery.

The Chairman of ASEPHI, Muchsin Ridjan

“The pandemic starts to end, and the condition has demonstrated the sign of Indonesia’s economic recovery. When the number of covid-19 infection decreases, the health security will bring back the prosperity.” conveyed the Chairman of the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI), Muchsin Ridjan.

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Perceiving the hype of INACRAFT reborn 2022, the Vice-Chairman 1 of ASEPHI Hatman stated, “The crowd is greatly satisfying. For two days in a row, the number of visitors is massive while the exhibitors also demonstrate positive responses.”(03/24)  

Hatman also added that the number of visitors was large, yet, considering the Government’s restriction, the long line of visitors’ queues was inevitable. To cope with this challenge, ASEPHI ran as the facilitator to communicate the issue, together the exhibitors and Indonesia’s Operation Task Force (Ops SATGAS), they discuss the solution.

“The orientation of exhibitors is to surge their sales optimally, however, to implement the Government’s policy, we should limit the number of visitors. These two orientations will collide if we do not communicate it. And alhamdulillah, we have overcome this challenge.” stated Hatman in a statement.

Ridjan mentioned that the big crowd was predictable as the desire of participants and customers to attend the event has been stacked since the pandemic hit the nation. During INACRAFT Reborn, the organizer has set the target, namely to ten thousand visitors per day, and after the calculation to the end of the event, the total target is 50,000 visitors. The crowd, further, is great news for the Small Micro Businesses (SMEs) to revive their business.

“This event is part of our (ASEPHI) goal, namely providing access to our members to sell and promote their products. Alhamdulillah, the exhibition is successful, although it cannot be compared with the situation before the pandemic.”  

Through the event, Ridjan expected that the action could promote SMEs’ business as the country’s economic pillar. In his perspective, this moment is the second phase for SMEs’ development to introduce their product, both online and offline. (WLN)