Govt: Neighborhood fund program is expected to alleviate poverty in East Kutai

Sinta, news . 24 Nov 2022
neighborhood fund program

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The East Kutai Community Empowerment and Village Administration Department (DPMPDes) launched multiple programs to enhance the human resource capacity in East Kutai in achieving the main objective of poverty alleviation. According to the Head of DPMPDes Yuriansyah, the neighborhood fund program can be utilized to fund the capacity building program.

Recently, the flagship programs that have been implemented spanning training to increase the capacity and legality of household-scale businesses, workshops to increase community participation in the development of rural economic institutions, monitoring and evaluating village-owned enterprises (Bumdes), as well as training for women in rural areas in productive economic businesses.

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“We carry out several programs as efforts to enhance the capacity of our residents to achieve the main goal of reducing poverty rates. We can lower the poverty rate through empowerment and training, including developing the skills of household economic actors,” said Yuriansyah (11/21).

By attending the training, participants can hone their expertise and skills for better provision to create jobs or start their own businesses. Besides skills to improve production quality, participants can also learn business administration and financial management. Yuriansyah expected that the multiple programs held by the Department can raise household income.

The Rp50 million fund program for each neighborhood unit can be utilized for many activities, one of which is the capacity building and legality training for household-scale businesses organized by the Singa Geweh Village, Sangatta Selatan District, which takes place at the Royal Victoria Hotel on November 21, 2022.

“The activity which is held at the Royal Victoria Hotel is part of an Rp50 million fund program for neighborhood units. Rp40 million is allocated for physical development, while Rp10 million can be utilized to increase human resource capacity,” said Yuriansyah in his closing statement.