Govt: Neighborhood fund program aims to boost human resources and infrastructure development in East Kutai

Sinta, news . 23 Nov 2022
neighborhood fund program

Heaptalk, Jakarta — East Kutai Government, through Community Empowerment and Village Administration Department (DPMPDes) will carry out the disbursement of the Rp50 million fund program for each neighborhood unit in the regency. According to the Head of DPMPDes Yuriansyah, the program is focused on boosting human resources and infrastructure development within the neighborhood circle.

A budget of 20% or Rp10 million is utilized for human resource development and 80% or Rp40 million for infrastructure development. The fund’s disbursement is carried out through a transfer to the account of the village government.

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“This program is not in the scheme of cash, but activities that were agreed by the neighborhood forum. If the proposal does not come from a mutual agreement in the neighborhood unit, the activity cannot be carried out,” said Yuriansyah.

Further, each neighborhood unit must have a work program aligned with the allocated budget. This fund program is a form of government support to embody development at the neighborhood level.

The DPMPDes will coordinate the funds’ disbursement directly to village accounts to be given to each neighborhood unit. Neighborhood units can carry out activities on their own or in collaboration with other units.

Yuriansyah said, “The activities implementation has to be communicated between village officials and the neighborhood units. Proposed activities are the decision of the neighborhood residents, as the East Kutai Government cannot intervene.”

As part of the smallest administrative area, neighborhood units have their own priority needs. Yuriansyah believed that if this program is implemented properly according to the Regent’s Regulations, development in East Kutai can be carried out optimally from the smallest administrative area. Indirectly, economic growth can also be boosted in aggregate.