EV’s Exhibition PEVS 2022 will showcase vehicles for G20

Wulan, events . 20 Jul 2022
PEVS 2022 Press Conference

Heaptalk, Jakarta – As part of its support for the implementation of PERIKLINDO Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2022, Indonesia’s Ministry of State Secretariat will present a line-up of electric vehicles (EV) that will be utilized in the G-20 high-level conference 2022. This event will make history as the special vehicles will be exhibited for the first time in public.

In the exhibition, electric vehicles from prominent brands will be showcased, spanning Hyundai Genesis and IONIQ 5, as well as Wuling Air EV. Several logistics and transportation vehicles for G20 2022 also will be presented, including DFSK Gelora E, and electric bus Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB). Perceiving from commercial segmentation, the event plan to exhibit Electric Truck Fuso.

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For the support, the President Director of PT Dyandra Promosindo, Daswar Marpaung stated, “This event requires full support from various stakeholders in the automotive industry, particularly from the Government. PEVS 2022 is expected to spread the latest EV development information massively and as a channel to create a collaboration between the EV industry ecosystem while promoting the Authority’s vision, namely to motivate Indonesian toward the electric vehicle.”.

In addition to presenting electric vehicles for the G20 high conference, the event also will be participated by DFSK, Erolis, K-EVCBU, Smuth EV, and Prestige presents Renault, Tesla and E-hang flying taxi, Aerobus cable cars, and electric truck from Fuso.

Moreover, in terms of utility vehicles, the exhibition will deliver Alke and Glutton, whilst the presence of two-wheeler and the commercial vehicle will be represented by Benelli-Keeway, Davigo, Gesits,Niu, Nozomi, Rakata, Regen, Selis, SMARTBY, Smoot, Trolis.

The event that adopts a futuristic theme also will deliver multiple enticing programs, such as test drive and ride, and other exciting agendas in EV Track Zone area, spanning Mini 4WD Championship, Push Bike Race, and Remote Control Drift. Interesting programs also will be delivered, including Air Wheel Fun Ride, Electric Board Ride, EV Fest, EV Fun Rally Riding, Formula Student Show Off, Test Drive and Ride in the outdoor area, and VR Game.

As additional information, PERIKLINDO Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2022 is initiated by PERIKLINDO and Dyandra Promosindo as the event organizer. The event will take place in JIExpo Kemayoran in 22-31 July 2022. In addition to increasing people’s awareness of the benefit of electric vehicles, the exhibition aims to be the benchmark for all automotive ecosystems in the electrification era. (WLN)