Edge DC builds a 23 MW data center in Jakarta

Sinta, news . 09 Sep 2022
Edge2 data center

Heaptalk, Jakarta — PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (Edge DC), announced the construction of a second 23 MW data center, namely Edge2, located in downtown Jakarta (08/09). The presence of Edge2 marks Edge DC’s expansion as the subsidiary of a leading network service provider, PT Indointernet Tbk (Indonet). Following the success of the first Edge1 data center facility, Edge2 is built to take advantage of the opportunities for rapid digital transformation in Indonesia after the global pandemic.

Edge2 will offer up to 3,430 cabinets and a 23MW IT load. The new facility is designed to address the growing demand for high-density, high-power applications from cloud-based hyper-scale implementations, local and international networks, and financial service providers.

Planned to be completed in Q4 2023, Edge2 will connect to a virtual campus with Edge1 as their distance is only 3 km apart. The connection allows customers to take advantage of the network density and internet exchange hub that Edge1 has provided from the start. Many fiber optic lines from various service providers are connected to this data center location since it is close to major technology and financial hubs. Thus, customers can benefit from low-latency connectivity.

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The data center market in Indonesia continues to grow due to high demand from global hyper-scale cloud service providers, triggered by the rapid adoption of the Internet and the increasing use of digital services during covid-19. Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest in the world in terms of population, making it a compelling market.

Based on data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesia has 107 national commercial banks, 10 digital banks that are already operating, and 1,280 non-bank financial institutions, most of which head offices and main customers are located around the central business district (CBD) Jakarta.

According to Structure Research, the colocation market in Jakarta is expected to grow to USD 938 million by 2027, of which hyper-scale colocation accounts for 72% of the total, with annual average growth (CAGR) of 34% over a 5-year period. Therefore, this facility will provide the needed data center capacity in downtown Jakarta to support the growing demand for hyper-scalers and the Indonesian financial sector.

Edge DC collaborates with a data center company headquartered in Singapore, Digital Edge, in building the latest data center, following Digital Edge’s acquisition of a controlling interest in Indonet in 2021. Aligned with Digital Edge’s environmental, social & governance (ESG) strategy, Edge2 applies green design principles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This facility is designed to achieve industry-leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) 1.27 by leveraging Nortek’s innovative StatePoint® liquid cooling technology, making Edge2 operate an energy-efficient data center in downtown Jakarta. As Edge1 has implemented, Edge2 will also utilize the same renewable energy solutions as the Renewable Energy Certificate.

Chief Executive Officer of Digital Edge, Samuel Lee, admitted that the growth opportunities in Southeast Asia are enormous, particularly in Indonesia. Digital Edge would like to contribute to bridging the digital divide in these fast-growing markets. “Our cutting-edge and environmentally conscious data center design, construction, and operations expertise combined with Indonet’s network services and access to optical fiber make a winning offer to local and international customers looking for support to grow their digital presence in Indonesia,” said Samuel.

Chief Executive Officer of Edge DC, Stephanus Oscar, added that the combination of various network solutions from Indonet and advanced technology from Digital Edge accommodates Edge DC in providing solutions for data center services. “This sustainable facility will also complement the EDGE1 data center to continue to support our client’s business needs in improving their digital operations in Jakarta,” concluded Oscar.