East Kutai National Craft Council holds digital-based business marketing training for craftsmen

Sinta, news . 25 Nov 2022
National Craft Council

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The East Kutai National Craft Council (Dekranasda) held a digital-based business marketing management development training for craftsmen on November 23-24, 2022, in collaboration with the East Kutai Cooperatives and MSMEs Department. Head of the Cooperatives and MSMEs Department Darsafani opened the event which took place at Café Contigo, Teluk Lingga (11/23).

In the opening ceremony, Darsafani delivered that craftsmen and micro-entrepreneurs in East Kutai are starting to rise again after two years of the covid-19 pandemic. Hence, they must adapt to the post-pandemic period, including human resource capabilities, to run their business better.

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He said, “I am proud and grateful that several institutions are participating in developing MSMEs, meaning that responsibility does not solely depend on the Cooperatives and MSME Department. Multiple activities are organized by other institutions, one of which is the National Craft Council.” Darsafani further asked the event committee to evaluate and monitor the craftsmen who have attended the training to determine their success level in marketing their products through online or digital media.

Meanwhile, the chief executive of the East Kutai National Craft Council Basuki Isnawan who was representing the chairman of the East Kutai National Craft Council Siti Robiah said that the organization has conducted several sessions of training, including training on developing digital-based marketing business management for artisans.

“Hopefully this training can provide great benefits for all of us, specifically for fellow craftsmen who have attended training to manage their business better,” said Basuki. According to him, in the current digital era, marketing can be carried out through social media. Moreover, almost every craftsman already has a smartphone that can be utilized well to market their products.

The chief executive of the event Junianti said that the training was attended by twenty craftsmen who are domiciled in North Sangatta and South Sangatta Districts. The two-day training discussed basic financial records delivered by Widya Artika Sari, the owner of the Healthybites Sangatta, and digital marketing delivered by Nila Drisanti, the owner of Kano Creative.