East Kutai holds the esports tournament with a total prize pool of US$3,188

Sinta, news . 21 Nov 2022
Esports Tournament

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Vice Regent Kasmidi Bulang officially opened the East Kutai Esports Tournament 2022 at the Traditional Building, North Sangatta (11/16). The tournament is an initiative of the East Kutai Youth and Sports Department (Dispora) in collaboration with the East Kutai Esports Indonesia (ESI).

The East Kutai Esports Tournament 2022 will last for a week, from November 16-21. The event competed for Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB) and Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Mobile.

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The tournament is participated by 334 people from junior high school students, high school students, and workers with ages ranging from 15 to 28 years. Participants compete for a total prize of Rp50 million equivalent to US$3,188 (US$1=Rp15,679) for the eight MLBB participants with the highest points and the ten PUBG participants with the highest points.

Kasmidi said that this esports tournament was extraordinary since it allowed Youth and Sports Department to explore the potential of the younger generation who are honing their esports talents. “This activity aims to produce great people in the field of sports, specifically esports,” said Kasmidi.

Through esports which is loved by many young people now, Kasmidi hoped that the East Kutai esports team will be able to compete in tournaments at the East Kalimantan, national and international levels. In the future, he wanted East Kutai esports athletes to bring home medals.

The Head of the Youth and Sports Service Basri and the Head of the East Kutai Esports Indonesia (ESI) Narto Bulang also attended the opening ceremony of the tournament.

In his closing statement, Kasmidi hoped that the tournament would run well to produce outstanding athletes who could represent East Kutai in the next competition.