East Kutai holds cooperative and entrepreneurship management training

Sinta, news . 24 Nov 2022
cooperative and entrepreneurship

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The East Kutai Cooperatives and SME Department held a training on cooperative and entrepreneurship management on November 21-22, 2022 at Teras Belas Café and Resto, Sangatta. The training aims to expand the capacity of cooperative administrators, particularly in terms of knowledge, abilities, and skills in managing cooperatives.

The Head of the East Kutai Cooperatives and SMEs Department, Darsafani, officially opened the event which was attended by 60 cooperative officials (11/21). According to Darsafani, the role of cooperatives is needed for community economic development in empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises in particular and the economy of East Kutai in general. Hence, the government needs to enhance the role of cooperatives through institutional, business, and financial development based on cooperative principles.

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“This training has great benefits in efforts to improve the quality and productivity of human resources managing cooperatives. The benefits of the training are also expected to be felt not only for the participants themselves but also for institutions in the future,” said Darsafani.

Further, Darsafani hoped that participants will be able to thoroughly understand the theory and implementation of cooperative management to have a positive impact on their respective cooperatives.

Acting Secretary of the East Kutai Cooperatives and SMEs Department Wenadianto said that the two-day training involved many experts that delivered cooperative and entrepreneurship materials using multiple methods.

“One of the methods is through discourse that conveys information in one-way communication. The next method is question and answer where resource persons or participants can give each other questions and answers to gain an understanding of the training material,” said Wenadianto.

Another method is group discussion which allows interaction between two or more individuals to exchange experiences and information as well as to solve problems. With this method, Wenadianto said all participants could actively express their respective opinions on cooperative and entrepreneurship management.

The resource persons involved in the training came from the Center of Cooperative, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Service (PLUT-KUMKM) Mandiri East Kalimantan and the East Kutai Cooperative and SME Department.