East Kutai hold a talkshow to improve Family Plan program service quality

Syifa, news . 17 Nov 2022
Kasmidi Bulang

Heaptalk, Jakarta — As a part of the local government effort to optimize the health service for the KB extension and midwives, The East Kutai Vice-Regent, Kasmidi Bulang, opened the Acceleration of Improving Family Planning Programs Through Competent and Competitive Human Resources event, held in the Victoria Hotel, Tuesday (11/15).

This agenda was conducted from November 15th to 17th, 2022, followed by around 82 participants. Kasmidi expects this event would synergize multiple businesses partner to implement an excellent KB program in the region and is hoped to increase the public comprehension of the significance of family planning.

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During his opening speech, Vice-Regent Kasmidi conveyed, “I appreciate devoted to the Population Control and Family Planning Agency (DP2KB) for conducting this activity as one of the government’s endeavors to enhance the quality and performance of the KB extension workers and midwives in health facilities to handle and evaluate Family Planning (KB) programs in East Kutai,”

Furthermore, Kasmidi affirmed the participants are expected to comprehend the materials the speaker provides, hoping to uplift their knowledge in performing the primary duty as the extension workers for society in the KB sector.

During this agenda, Vice-Regent Kasmidi presents a Certificate of Merit dedicated to multiple participants with fantastic accomplishments at the Simultaneous Family Planning service event for a Million Acceptors. The gainers include Muara Bengkel Public Health Center as the first winner for the Long-term Contraception Method category at the East Kalimantan Province level. In addition, he also handed over the two official vehicle units symbolically to the extension workers around the sub-district.

Previously, the Representative Secretary of the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) of East Kalimantan, Al Khafid, delivered his support to accelerate the KB extension workers and midwives in reaching the primary indicator of BKKBN, exclusively for diminishing the Total Fertility Rate (TFR).

“The initial strategic target of BKKBN is TFR diminishment in 2021, from the target TFR of 2.24, and is achieved. Secondly, we look forward to enhancing the prevalence rate of modern contraceptives,” affirmed Khafid.

However, as the pandemic hit Indonesia in 2021, Khafid claimed his party still had not reached the target of 62.16% and is only realized 57.0%. According to his statement, several factors exist, including high solicitudes of the public to visit the KB service center directly amid the pandemic, impacting the non-maximum KB program.

Further, he also elaborates on multiple factors that deliver several obstacles to reaching the target, including the reduction of KB necessities, the young generation birth rate diminishment ranging from 15 to 19, the enhancement of the family development index, and the growth of the median age at first marriage for women.

“Currently, we observe a 50 percent of women first marry at the age of 20.7 years. Thus, I expect all parties to understand the significance of updating family data collection as our database fundamental,” Khafid said in his closing statement.