East Kutai Govt targets Pratama Hospital in Muara Bengkal to operate in early 2023

Sinta, news . 24 Nov 2022
Pratama Hospital

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Government of East Kutai is building a Pratama Hospital located in Muara Bengkal District. According to the Head of the East Kutai Health Department, Bahrani Hasanal, currently, the progress of development has reached 60%.

“We expect this hospital construction can be completed by the end of this year to operate early next year. We also received assistance from the Ministry of Health,” said Bahrani. The assistance is provided in the form of medical devices to support the operational activities of Pratama Hospital.

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Bahrani delivered that his party is preparing general practitioners, specialist doctors, and nurses. In addition, he is also coordinating with the Organizational and Management Section (Ortal) of the East Kutai Regency Secretariat to provide more health workers.

“We have contacted the Organization and Management Section to arrange human resources as the hospital building will soon be finished, with construction progress already reached 60%. We want to ensure that when the building is finished, the health workers will also be there,” said Bahrani.

Previously serving as Director of the Kudungga Regional Public Hospital, Bahrani said that the Pratama Hospital needs at least nine health workers, consisting of four specialist doctors, an anesthetist, an internal medicine doctor, an obstetrician-gynecologist, a pediatrician, a surgeon.

“With the experience of establishing Kudungga Hospital and Sangkulirang Hospital some time ago, we will treat the same preparation for Pratama Hospital,” said Bahrani. Pratama Hospital in Muara Bengkal is targeted to operate in early 2023.