East Kutai Govt supplies rest area for the external province sport tournament contingents

Syifa, news . 21 Nov 2022
East Kutai

Heaptalk, Jakarta — East Kutai Regency Government and the contingent manager provided a rest area dedicated to the external contingents crossing East Kutai to Berau. This facility is located in Poros Sangatta, Danau Raya Hamlet, South Sangatta, specifically in the private residence of the Head of the East Kutai Contingent, who also serves as Vice-Regent of East Kutai, Kasmidi Bulang.

This initiative is a part of the local government’s endeavor to prevent the recurrence of fatigue cases, which impacted traffic accidents ahead of the implementation of the 7th Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) of East Kalimantan in Berau, which officially will be held on November 26th, 2022.

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“As the East Kutai contingent, we have worked with the central government to provide a rest area devoted to the participants from outside the area who will participate in the Porprov implementation in Berau. This rest area provision is expected to retain our fellowship and sports solidarity,” affirmed Kasmidi Bulang.

Previously, Kasmidi claimed his residence had been operated as a Covid-19 post. As a part of his support to support the participants, he aims to set up his dwelling as the rest area facility for contingents of other regions crossing by land to Berau. With a large yard and the availability of a parking area, Kasmidi hopes the delegations can take a short break to minimize fatigue before heading to the event location.

“This step is a part of our effort to succeed the Provincial Sports Week in Berau. We decided to make East Kutai a transit point because this area is in the middle of other districts to reach the event location,” Kasmidi said during an interview with a media crew in the Polder area on Saturday (11/19).