East Kutai Govt provides 169 outboard motors to the local fishermen

Syifa, news . 18 Nov 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — As a part of the local government’s endeavor to bolster the local fishermen’s existence in developing the fisheries and marine potential in the area, the East Kutai Vice-Regent, Kasmidi Bulang, representing the Regent Ardianysah, hands over several assistance to fulfill the fishermen’s requisites, held in the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Agency office of East Kutai, Tuesday (11/15).

In more detail, the local government distributes around 169 outboard motors 13 pk/hp, devoted to the 15 fishermen communities from 7 sub-districts of East Kutai. After performing a hand-over agenda, Kasmidi Bulang stated the Indonesian government is boosting programs to ease the burden on local society. He claimed the East Kutai region had conducted Bazaar, generally known as ‘Pasar Murah,’ which had been organized in multiple sub-districts and was initiated by East Kutai Industry and Trade Department. Besides, this recent outboard motor distribution to the local fishermen has also been a part of an initiative program of Regional Marine and Fishery Department.

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“This program is mandatory to be executed in every local government. I considered this move is a part of the government’s effort to prevent the inflation issues spread throughout the region due to a hike in fuel oil,” Kasmidi said.

Further, he added this program aligned with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko ‘Jokowi Widodo’s instruction by involving related Ministries by obliging local governments to allocate their Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) of 2%, aiming to diminish inflation rate in the region.

“Regardless of the hike of fuel oil issue, I expect this facility can strongly contribute to the region’s fishermen in simplifying their activity. Thus, I emphasized to all of the fishermen to strengthen their safety when performing their work,” affirmed Kasmidi, witnessed by the Head of North Sangatta sub-districts, Hasdiah, the Head of South Sangatta, Vita Nurhasanah, Head of KTNA at East Kutim, Suherman as representative fishermen group from 7 sub-districts, and boards of East Kutai DKP.

Previously, the Head of DKP at East Kutai, Suriansyah, revealed this program is social protection assistance. He claimed this machine provision would disseminate into seven sub-districts, covering 15 traditional fishermen’s groups still using traditional rowboats with a conventional catching tool.

“This assistance aims to improve effectivity and optimization related to the economic enhancement program for the fishermen in the East Kutai and is expected to elevate the standard of living of fishermen in public river waters in the middle of seven sub-districts,”

Subsequently, Suriansyah conveyed that around 15 fishermen community has obtained this assistance, including the Kuda Laut Fishermen group from North Sangatta, gaining ten machines. Meanwhile, the Muara Tabuan Fishermen community, Bintang Laut, and Mutiara Laut group from South Sangatta successfully obtained 34 units. Also, the Sipatuo Fishermen group from Bengalon received around 11 units.

“Further, the Setia Kawan Fishermen group, Lobster, Barokah, and Mangrove Indah from Sangkulirang have seized 40 units. Furthermore, the Kerapu Manubar Fishermen community, Barakuda Manubar, Lumba-Lumba Manubar Fishermen group, and Sandaran Fishermen community have obtained around 35 units. At the same time, the Danau Kepa Fishermen community and Titian Bungur of Muara Bangkal have gained 29 units. Lastly, the Good Serkit Mandiri Fishermen group from Mara Ancalong, receiving ten machine assistance,” Suriansyah said in his statement.