East Kutai Govt launches SP4N LAPOR to provide a reliable complaint management system

Sinta, news . 29 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Government of East Kutai Regency through the Communication and Informatics Service, Encoding and Statistics (Diskominfo Perstik) held the dissemination and launch of the action plan (Renaksi) for the National Public Service Complaint Management (SP4N) along with the People’s Online Aspiration and Complaints Service (LAPOR), known as SP4N LAPOR.

Regional Secretary of East Kutai Regency Rizali Hadi, representing the Regent of East Kutai, opened the activity at Meranti Room, Secretariat Office of the East Kutai Regency Government on Wednesday (28/09).

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Head of the Communication and Informatics Service, Encoding and Statistics of East Kutai, Ery Mulyadi, said that the SP4N LAPOR Action Plan had previously passed through several stages, one of which was dissemination and launch as the last stage.

“The preparation of the action plan is carried out in a participatory manner as the regional apparatus, ranging from the East Kutai Regency Government to the subdistrict level, have contributed to the process. We also thank the USAID SEGAR team and consultants who have facilitated us,” uttered Ery.

Ery further conveyed that the SP4N LAPOR preparation is aligned with the development missions set by the Regent and Deputy Regent through the Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) document for East Kutai Regency. The development mission that is carried out is specifically related to participatory governance, based on law enforcement and information technology. Ery emphasized that the SP4N LAPOR document requires support from all parties, particularly the internal government in providing an adequate budget.

Meanwhile, a representative of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the program Sustainable Environmental Governance Across Regions (SEGAR) also attended the activity. Site Manager of USAID SEGAR East Kalimantan Yuyun Kurniawan stated that the purpose of SP4N LAPOR is to create a responsive, solution-based, and reliable complaint management system for East Kutai.

One of the essential targets, according to Yuyun, is to increase public participation in public services supervision through SP4N LAPOR. Another target is to improve the ease of public access to submit SP4N complaints. The document also aims to raise the percentage of complaint resolution and advance the quality of public services.

In his conclusion, Yuyun stated that the priority of the 2022—2026 action plan will be carried out through several stages, spanning the utilization of data and application system, human resources support, as well as coordination, monitoring, and evaluation. Following that, the action plan will cover institutional and policy support along with stakeholders’ participation and the implementation of complaint values.

The SP4N LAPOR document includes the following elements:

  1. Framework of the public service complaint management system,
  2. Self-assessment, public service complaint management system,
  3. Priority for improving and optimizing the public service complaint management system,
  4. Objectives, targets, and targets for improving and optimizing the public service complaint management system,
  5. Program activities and indicators for the improvement and optimization of the Public Service Complaint Management System,
  6. Institutional support for policies and human resources in the implementation of public service complaints management. (WH)*