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East Kutai Govt hold Bazaar ‘Pasar Murah’ to ease inflation

Wulan, news . 08 Nov 2022
East Kutai's Vice-Regent

Heaptalk, Jakarta – East Kutai Government hold a bazaar to restrain the inflation effect that occurred along with the price fuel hike. This agenda was performed through with Trade and Industry Department at Paten Hall, Sub-District Office of North Sangatta, last Monday (11/07).

The bazaar, known as ‘Pasar Murah’, is performed simultaneously in 10 regencies across East Kalimantan, which are inaugurated directly by East Kalimantan Governor Isran Noor virtually. Specifically, in East Kutai regency, the activity was launched by the Vice Regent, Kasmidi Bulang, symbolically by delivering staple food and rice to five local people.

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The launch of this market is also attended by the Head of the Trade and Industry Department, H. Zaini, along with his staff, the sub-district head of North Sangatta, and also other distinguished guests.

In his opening remarks, Bulang stated that organizing this market is one of the Government’s manifestations to assist people affected by the fuel price hike. He also conveyed that East Kutai Government intentionally allocates 2% of its general transfer fund from its local state budget to tackle inflation.

“Several programs are coined as Government’s real action to help people affected by the increase in fuel price, thus these programs are expected to reduce the surge of the daily products price.”

In terms of budget allocation, Bulang addressed that the Government has prepared about Rp32 billion, which is delivered to some departments, one of which is the Trade and Industry Department. The Department has delivered the budget in the form of Pasar Murah, which granted a subsidy of 50% to the products offered.

“The price of this staple food is Rp300 thousand in the market, but due to the subsidy, people can purchase the product only for paying Rp150 thousand,” stated Bulang.

Head of the Trade and Industry Department in East Kutai, Zaini, said that the Government is set to channel 54,720 discounted staple food packages through Pasar Murah that are disseminated in 18 sub-districts. Pasar Murah will be held gradually, and for North Sangatta, we will prepare 500 packages for today and will sell 2,620 packages tomorrow.”

Zaini affirmed that Pasar Murah is not open to the public, only those who are invited can enter this activity. Zaini mentioned that the list of people who can attend this event is based on data submitted by the sub-districts, namely underprivileged people who are affected by the rise of fuel prices.”

As additional information, the staple food packages contain 10 kg rice, 2 litter coconut cooking oil, 2 kg sugar, 2 cans of sardines (large size), 6 cans of sardines (small size), 9 packs of Indomie, and 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk.