East Kutai Govt held capacity building activity to enhance regional planning capabilities

Sinta, feature news . 13 Sep 2022
The opening of capacity building activity organized by the Government of East Kutai Regency (12/09).

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Government of East Kutai Regency has organized the capacity-building activity on regional planning for the state civil apparatus (ASN) on September 12th—16th 2022 in Bandung, West Java. The implementation of this agenda aims to enhance human resources capabilities in planning the regional development of the East Kutai Regency.

Taking place at Savoy Homann Hotel, the event is a collaboration of the East Kutai Regional Government through the Regional Planning and Development Agency (Bappeda) with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Regional Development Capacity Building Institute (LPKPD).

The five-day activity includes technical guidance on local government information systems (SIPD) and standard prices for goods and services (SHBJ). The Regent of East Kutai, Ardiansyah Sulaiman, delivered the importance of the capacity-building program for the state civil apparatus as the participants have gone through a long trip from East Kutai to Bandung, West Java.

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“Hence the results must be extraordinary. Even more, the theme carried out is capacity-building. The word capacity means the ability to build power,” said Ardiansyah. He also emphasized that the participant should comprehend to SIPD thoroughly since the regulation change frequently. An error, even a small one, may cause problems followed by sanctions and other consequences.

The Head of the Planning Review and Reporting Department of the East Kutai Regency’s Bappeda as well as the chief executive committee of the capacity-building program, Marhadin, the activity is held to actualize better planning in East Kutai. In addition to that, the program is aligned with the mandate of the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation number 90 of 2019 on regional planning information systems. The regulation becomes a challenge for East Kutai Regency to realize a more appropriate regional revenue and expenditure budget (APBD) starting with an integrated planning and budgeting process.

“The regional capacity-building activity is attended by 154 participants consisting of 45 regional apparatuses (PD). We have 57 regional apparatuses in total, but only 45 PDs can join. The rest are absent due to various obstacles, such as illness and other conditions,” explained Marhadin, during the program opening at the Savoy Homann Hotel (12/9).

The representative of LPKPD, Ilma Nur Solihan, delivered that SIPD is a the central government’s mandate that must be implemented by the regional government. “As a capacity-building institution, we have collaborated with local governments several times. This time, we collaborate with the East Kutai Regency Government given the mandate to carry out technical guidance to implement regulations in the region. This program focuses on implementing SIPD in the regions. Aligned with the vision and mission of SIPD, the implementation has to achieve the target,” explained Ilma.

The activity is also attended by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of East Kutai Regency Rizali Hadi; Head of Bappeda Noviari Noor; Head of Office for Management of Regional Revenue, Finance, and Assets (BPKAD) Teddy Febrian; Head of the Cooperatives and SMEs Service Darsafani; Head of The Office of Investment and Integrated Licensing Service (DPM-PTSP) Teguh Budi Santoso; Head of Public Works Agency Muhir, Secretary of Communications and Information Service, Encoding, and Statistics (Diskominfo Perstik) East Kutai Ronny Bonar Siburian, and other invitees.