East Kutai Govt gives awards to 52 taxpayers who obeyed paying taxes online

Sinta, news . 25 Nov 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) of East Kutai gives awards to 52 taxpayers who comply with reporting and online payments at the Akasia Room, Serba Guna Building, office complex of the East Kutai Government in Bukit Pelangi (11/24).

Head of the East Kutai Regional Revenue Agency Syahfur said, “Today we give appreciation to 52 taxpayers who have routinely reported and paid online for their respective tax obligations.”

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The Agency is collaborating with the Regional Development Bank of East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan (Bankaltimtara) of the Sangatta branch in developing non-cash regional tax payment channels. The tax objects include hotels, restaurants, entertainment, parking, street lighting, wallet bird’s nest, non-metallic mineral and rock, billboards, underground water, land and building rights acquisition, land and buildings in rural and urban, as well as regional retribution.

East Kutai Regent Ardiansyah Sulaiman appreciates all taxpayers who are concerned and supports regional development through the obligation to pay taxes. He said, “To be honest, until now, taxes are one of the barometers of government income, both for the state budget and regional budget.”

Through the agenda, Ardiansyah hoped that all taxpayers can contribute at their best to boost the East Kutai regional original revenue (PAD). According to him, the Regency can obtain regional revenues of around Rp200 billion to Rp220 billion from taxes, which equals US$12.78 million to US$14.06 (US$1=Rp15,648).

“Hopefully with this reward, taxpayers can contribute even better. I also expect that colleagues at Bapenda and those on duty in the field can maximize their performance,” said Ardiansyah. With a maximum tax contribution, regional revenue is expected to fund development in East Kutai as infrastructure condition in the regency still requires further development, including road infrastructure, public facilities, electricity, and clean water.

Currently, the East Kutai Regional Budget reaches Rp3.6 trillion or US$229.89 million which is still not adequate to support development needs in the regency. According to Ardiansyah, if the budget is raised to Rp15 trillion or Rp20 trillion (equals US$958 million to US$1.27 billion), infrastructure development can be implemented properly. Therefore, he asked for support from Regional Revenue Agency to maximize regional revenue.

“The East Kutai Government will provide rewards to taxpayers who contribute simultaneously to provide additional income for the regency. Thank you to all parties, including companies, private institutions, and individuals. On behalf of the East Kutai Government, I would like to express my gratitude for your activities that have contributed to increasing the regional tax revenue for the regency,” said Ardiansyah in his closing statement.