East Kutai Govt diffuses gas fuel-based machine assistance to 300 fishermen in the region

Syifa, news . 21 Nov 2022
East Kutai

Heaptalk, Jakarta — East Kutai Vice-Regent, Kasmidi Bulang, opened the Technical socialization of the Oil Fuel (BBM) to Gas Fuel (BBG) Conversion Program for fishing vessels for fishermen targeted for the 2022 Fiscal Year. During the momentum, he urged the regional fishermen to continue boosting their productivity, particularly in fish production.

“I encourage the fishermen in East Kutai to continue to advance in enhancing the fishermen’s economy. Through this assistance, I believe in easing the fishermen’s burden. This machine is gas fuel-based, expecting to reduce their expenses in utilizing the fuel oil, including pertalite and solar,” Explained Kasmidi in the BPU Room, North Sangatta Sub-District (11/17).

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He also warned fishermen to utilize gas fuel properly. For this reason, Kasmidi suggested that the stakeholders involved to retain the availability of 3 kg LPG gas cylinders to be stable.

Representing the society and East Kutai District Government, Kasmidi expressed his gratitude to the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources with Pertamina, and Commission VII of People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), specifically Ismail Thomas, the DPR RI member constituency of East Kutai, for granting several facilities for the community in the region.

“This assistance is the second aid for fishermen in East Kutai. We distributed this facility to around 320 units in 2020 and have augmented the assistance of the machines to around 300 units this year,” affirmed Kasmidi.

Meanwhile, The Directorate General of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, represented by Dandi Murdani, elaborated the government has disseminated the BBM to BBG conversion package up to 85,859 units in 73 regencies from 2016 to 2020. In addition, Dandi revealed his party intends to diffuse the machine package of around 30,000 units in 2022 devoted to the fishermen in 51 districts, including East Kutai.

“About 300 fishermen in East Kutai will receive the BBM to BBG conversion program for the second time this year,” Dandi said.

Furthermore, Dandi added the local government would disburse the BBM to BBG conversion into two locations for the fishing vessels devoted to the targeted fishermen in East Kutai for the 2022 Fiscal Year. He also revealed

In more detail, the Head of DKP at East Kutai, Syuriansyah, reported the BBM to BBG conversion assistance would be diffused into several areas: North Sangatta with 11 units, South Sangatta at 99 units, Bengalon with 22 units, Kaliorang with up to 12 units, and Sangkulirang at 156 units.